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Friday, May 8, 2015

Do You Pick Up a Book Because of the Cover?

by Diana McCollum

Book covers can be decorated with a man or woman or a seductive couple, landscape scene, symbol, even a pair of shoes can draw me in to pick up the book and possibly buy it. Of course, the second most important thing is the blurb on the back and the opening pages. If I like all that, it's a sure bet I'll be buying the book.

All these books I've read, and any one of them would be a great Summer read.

Some novels don't live up to their covers. When this happens I feel a bit disappointed that the cover designer/editor didn't research the story line before creating the cover.

Recently I read a book by Catherine Anderson, "Silver Thaw". The story was good, but the cover? First it takes place in central Oregon. The Cardinals' habitat does NOT include Washington, Oregon or California, or the rest of the northern western states. But there, on the cover is a Cardinal sitting in a tree.

"The Mystery Woman" by Amanda Quick, is an intriguing and accurate cover. Intriguing because we don't see the heroines face only her leg, bloomers, garter and derringer. And the derringer is a vital part of the story, as is the delicate holster she keeps it in on her leg.

My friend, and fellow blogger, Paty Jager, has beautiful covers. In her three Spirit books the covers convey the Native American theme along with the legend each book contains.  This one being about the wolf, who is the spirit of the Mountain.

One of my all time favorite covers, has the main focus a pair of shoes. "The Witch's Daughter", by Paula Brackston. I picked this book up because of the cover, thinking it was a historical book. As it turns out, it is the story of one witch and how she survives by fleeing to different time periods through out history,  to avoid a Warlock who wants to have her, and have her powers. It starts out in present day first person, and she begins to tell her story to a young girl she befriends. Excellent book for the summer or any time.

Now I want to share the cover of the anthology I have two short stories in, "Love & Magick". There are six short stories in this book. A wide variety of genres. The couple on the front is representative of all the heroes and heroines in the six stories.

Submit a comment with your pick of names for the couple on the front of "Love & Magick", I'm curious as to who they look like to you.

Do you have a favorite book cover from books you've read?


Sarah Raplee said...

Great post, Diana!And what a fun contest!

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. What covers have caught your eye lately?

Paty Jager said...

Fun post and giveaway! Thanks for having my book in the line up!

Diana McCollum said...

Your welcome, Paty! Thanks for stopping by. said...

As always a great blog. I think the names for the people on your short cover book are Jasmine & Jake. I liked all the covers in your blog - especially the "The Mystery Woman". The book about the witch sounds very interesting.

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by, Louise! I like Jasmine and Jake, good choice.

JJ Carroll said...

I love book covers -- I've often bought a book because I loved the cover.

Love the cover for The Witch's Daughter -- great work.

Kate Curran said...

You know what I find really eye catching lately is the umbrella on the cover like Gerri Russell's latest novel Flirting with Felicity.

Pippa Jay said...

A book cover is always a hook for me. I have a real thing for faces on covers. A couple of my favourites are My Name is A'yen by Rachel Leigh Smith because the hero looks so sad and wistful I just want to hug him. Also Farewell Andromeda by Laurie A Green, because it just screams passion and a couple so part of one another that nothing could tear them apart. I don't like headless torsos very much. I quite like abstract covers where objects or symbols are used to represent the story elements, like wings for an angel story.

Sarah Raplee said...

I'm with Pippa about headless torsos - dislike them!

Diana McCollum said...

thanks for stopping by J.J. Carroll. Wish I could take credit for "The Witch's Daughter" cover, but alas It was created by someone else.

Thanks for stopping by Kate! Virtual wave from Bend to Corning.

Thanks for the great comment, Pippa. I agree on the headless torso, don't like them at all.

SusanD said...

LOL! Diana on the cardinal. Ever so true, and disappointing. Goes to show you have to at least have some truth on the cover. Always have loved the LOVE & MAGIK cover.

Lisa Salvary said...

Good post. I'm not partial to book covers when it comes to buying a book. I have not ever bought a book because I liked the cover. I have chosen to not buy a book because I hated the cover. The cover is of a violent pic, blood on it, etc. I did want to comment that Love & Magick has the same cover as Ian Dalton's Secret Thoughts (Dec. 2013 pub. date). Covers that look like other covers can be confusing.

Diana McCollum said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Susan!

Lisa thanks for stopping by. I brought up Ian Dalton's cover, and while it is the same couple his cover is not jewel tones and there isn't a moon or mts. As our cover artist
Made a completely original design. Designers buy pictures from a lot of the same sources.That's why you tend to see a lot of the same models on covers. Thanks for pointing out Ian's cover to me!

Maggie Lynch said...

It is true that cover designers use a lot of the same models. As Cherry Adair said to me when we ended up with the same model but very different covers, "There are only so many hot guys out there." :)

I would name your couple

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Diana,

I'm late to the comment party but did want to add that I love the covers on Nora Roberts' The Bride Quartet.

I must admit it has been a very long time since I wandered the aisles of a book store looking for new authors. The idea of 'wandering' the digital book stores looking for a new author is not appealing.

However, I have 19 Genre-istas who put books out there as well as long time favorites like Jo Beverley and also the Windtree Press authors and chapter (I belong to 3) authors to try out. I don't see me running out of books or new authors any time soon!

Diana McCollum said...

Hey, Judith! Glad you made it back safe and sound from your trip. Thanks for commenting.