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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nothing like a book, a fire and a comfy couch

Dear Readers

It's autumn here in New Zealand and where I live, in the Hawkes Bay, the evenings and mornings are cold and crisp but the days are still heating up to about 22c/72F. However, the nip in the air clearly indicates winter is around the corner.

So, I'm really looking forward to the nights where it gets so cold, I put my electric blanket on, jump into bed with my little Cavoodle Brandy curled against my side and I can pull out my trusty Kindle and begin reading all the books that have been sitting unread while I've been trying to finish my current contracts.

So what's on my list? It's a real mixture of historical, paranormal and contemporary romance. The odd biography which I love reading, and funnily enough the odd thriller.  I do write suspense in my historical romances and I like a bit of mystery.

I must admit that my Kindle has over 800 books on it that I have not yet read. I always laugh when I go to buy a book and Amazon, thank goodness, tells that I've already bought it. It shows how buying patterns have changed with digital books. You just would never have bought 800 books before you realized you have far too many. The shelves at home would have overflowed. However, I have bought the same book, not once but three times, as there is no one in the book store saying hey, you've already bought that.

So, this winter, I'm going back to the ebooks that have been sitting on my Kindle the longest and read the latest books first. I'm going to try and set a trend for reading the oldest books first! I've just checked, it's Seven Years To Sin by Sylvia Day, a historical romance—yay. How many of you, who read on eReaders, ever go back to the oldest book on your device, to look for a book to read?

Whatever season you are coming into, let's face it, it's always a reading season. I can't go without reading at least one book a week. It might be playing in my car, as I've just done with Stephen Fry's latest auto-biography , or an actual book as with my fellow kiwi's latest The Hiding Places by Catherine Robertson (#1 Kiwi Book best seller), or on my trustee Kindle, Cynthia Eden Claiming The Beast.

However you read, whatever you read, enjoy reading, be it sunshine, rain or snow!


Sarah Raplee said...

Wow! And I thought MY To-be-read pile was big!

Sometimes I do try to read the ebook I've had waiting the longest. Other times, I pick whatever strikes my fancy.

Judith and I have to quit using 'Summer Reads' as a theme, with some of our Genre-istas in the Southern Hemisphere.

How cold does it get where you live in winter?

Diana McCollum said...

I don't measure up to you , I only have about 40 books on my Nook. I only use my e-reader to read at the gym. I ride the exercise bike or walk on the treadmill and read. Otherwise, I like to have a actual print book in my hands. Good luck on catching up on your reading!!

Bronwen Evans said...

Hi Sarah

It depends on where you live. I live on the East Cape of the North Island and we have mild winters in that we have no snow, except high in the hills. It can be around -2c in the morning frosts but warms up during the day.

In the bottom of the South Island you can get snow down to sea level.

Bronwen Evans said...

Hi Diana

I'm long sighted so as I've got older, reading small print has got much harder. That's one of the reasons I love my Kindle. I can read without glasses or I don't have to strain at night in poor light.

JJ Carroll said...

I'm in Australia, in an area that does get seasons -- real ones. No snow here, but a pure joy to curl up in front of the wood fire with a book on a cool autumn afternoon, or a winter's night. Oh, and maybe a glass of New Zealand wine ;)

Judith Ashley said...

Hi Bron,

I just caught up a bit on my TBR pile as I've been traveling. I read Paty Jager's "Double Deceit", "Secrets of a Mayan Moon" and have about 50% of the last book in the Halsey Brother's series to finish.

"Double Deceit" and "Secrets of a Mayan Moon" were paper books and the Halsey Brothers series are on my Kobo.

I had Bob Mayer's "**IT Happens" on my tablet to finish but never got to it. I did get "Sacred Geometry" read (research for my next book) but the others were "just for fun and relaxation" reads. Traveling by air is so much easier when lost in a good book!