Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Save the Whales

by Madelle Morgan

The groom in Caught on Camera, the buff and gorgeous A-list actor Halden Armstrong, has a favorite charitable cause: Save the Whales. In this post I explain why, of all the worthy causes out there, I chose this one for my character.

The 1996 move Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, brought the plight of humpback whales to the attention of the general public. Whales have been hunted for centuries and, appallingly, several nations continue to "harvest" these magnificent, intelligent creatures. Species survival is threatened. That is fact, not Star Trek fiction.

The 2012 film Big Miracle, starring Drew Barrymore, was based on Operation Breakthrough in Alaska. In 1988, ordinary people generated media attention and international cooperation to save a family pod trapped in the ice. Individuals can make a difference.

In real life many celebrities bring attention to environmental issues. My character Halden - a wealthy star with integrity - similarly uses his power and influence to make the world a better place.

Candy's professional smile wavered. "Halden insisted that the wedding invitations specify that, in lieu of gifts, donations be made to his Save the Whales campaign. He said he hoped to set a precedent."

People support causes close to their hearts by voting for political parties and candidates with aligned policies, by contributing funds to lobbying groups, and by not buying products of companies that damage the environment. For example, after many years as a staunch member of the Conservative Party of Canada, my husband became disgusted with their anti-environment policies and recently joined Canada's Green Party. I am so proud. My nephew supports Greenpeace. During my engineering career I witnessed first hand the accelerating effects of climate change across Canada, especially in the far north. I worked towards improving industrial, commercial and residential energy efficiency. If everyone takes a small action, it can create big results.

Caught on Camera character Wendy demonstrates her support of Halden's cause this way.

Wendy wore a figure-hugging pink number with a plunging neckline that drew the eye to plump breasts. Real boobs, with a small tattoo of a humpback whale low on the left. It leaped on the swell of her bosom with every indrawn breath. Surprise, surprise. Candy's practical, dependable personal assistant hid a smoking hourglass figure under the slacks and baggy shirts she habitually wore.

What charitable cause is close to your heart, and how do you support it?

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Judith Ashley said...

Madelle, I Love the way you've woven your charity into your story. "Caught on Camera" looks like a fun read and I hope it does a lot to help the whales. We have a resident pod of grey whales along the Oregon Coast where I like to stay. It's always a thrill to see a spout or a tail flash in the air. I've never seen a full breach but that would be an awesome experience.

I currently support four local charities: Beading The Odds (see my 06/05 post), Kinship House (a therapeutic program that helps foster and adoptive children become real members of their foster and adoptive families); Free Arts NW (a program for at risk youth that teaches them various skills (painting, sculpture, etc. Their Spring Break Film Camp is a big hit and those participating write scripts and do the acting, directing, filming, etc. of their stories). I also support my local Planned Parenthood.

What do you think of the Sea World whale controversy?

Madelle Morgan said...

Some object to having animals and aquatic creatures in zoos, Sea Worlds, and the like. I am not one of them.

I lived near an aquarium growing up, and my parents took me to zoos. Children and adults alike can learn so much from seeing in person animals, birds, and aquatic life rather than only screen views. I personally think that real life connection leads to greater empathy for endangered species, and subsequent support for efforts to protect them.

Few can afford to take their families to see species in their native habitats. Unfortunately, in this day and age, out of sight = out of mind. The reality is that few care about causes to which they have no personal connection nor passion. That being said, conditions of captivity need to be humane for these ambassadors to the human race.

Madelle Morgan said...

Mega-rich stars do make a difference. The charitable causes of six Hollywood celebrities are in this article: http://tinyurl.com/nfbp35c