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Friday, September 4, 2015

Beauty All Around Me

I’m Judith Ashley, author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nourish the soul.

Geraniums and Fuchias
The suggested topic for the Genre-istas this month is “flowers”.

If you love flowers, you need to check out Patricia Brooks. Her Facebook page is full of her pictures of beautiful flowers. Whenever she is out she takes photographs of the beauty all around her.. Last month she was in Oregon and shared flowers she saw along the Oregon Coast.

(Pictures in this post are mine and do not hold a candle to her artistry).

I come from a family where having a flower garden was a must. My dad loved to garden and my mom had an artist’s eye for design, shapes, colors. Together they created special places to breathe in the scents while feasting eyes on the beauty. A classic design in our backyard for many years was a border of blue forget-me-nots, with white petunias and red salvia. Right now I wish I had a picture to show you!

But I don’t.
Black and Blue Salvia
Armistead Salvia

The color purple is a theme I’m using in part of my yard. I have two clematis in varying shades of it as well as two different salvias. No dwarf red for me. I’ve the medium sized “Black and Blue” and the larger “Armistad”.

Looking out my office window at pots of colorful geraniums and fuchsias are a delightful way to let my mind roam and find that perfect word. And when the rush of hummingbird wings catch my eye, I just sit and enjoy as the tiny bundle of energy flits from one fuchsia bloom to another.

Flowers, whether a picture or the real deal, are an easy way to add color and joy to our lives. While a bouquet of fresh flowers may be beyond your budget, perhaps a single bloom will fit. Adding flowers to your life can only enrich it. And, perhaps you’ll consider an unexpected gift of a single bloom to a special someone in your life.

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Lynn Lovegreen said...

Lovely flowers, Judith! I agree they can enrich our lives.

Judith Ashley said...

Next year I'll have the two salvia plants in view from my office. Now they are not but I do see them from the kitchen window over the sink and whenever I go out to the car. Really looking forward to that - the hummingbirds will be an added bonus!

Amanda Forester said...

Lovely pictures, they make me want to breathe deep. I do love flowers, though I am not so good growing them. Looks like you have the right touch!

Judith Ashley said...

There are several flowers that intermediately die if I even look at them. I'm fortunate I've found some that like my particular blend of benevolent neglect which translates into I usually forget to water them on a regular basis.

Diana McCollum said...

Love this post and can totally relate to it. We've had Black and Blue Salvia for two years now and love it. We sit in the lawn chairs a few feet away, and the humming birds come right up close to feast on the Salvia. The last five years before retiring, I'd buy myself a bouquet of flowers Monday morning on the way to work. The flowers would last all week and made me smile every time I looked at them. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us!

Judith Ashley said...

The great thing about salvia is it is a member of the sage family so it has a bit of drought tolerance once it is established. Very cool tradition to gift yourself with a bouquet of flowers every Monday. I'm sure it made work a better place to be!