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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Magic of Love Energy

by Madelle Morgan

In this post I reveal a magic formula that may change your life! It changed mine.

A year ago I attended a free workshop given by Qi Gong master James Foo, a brilliant man who can see and manipulate energy. Based in Toronto, Canada, he has lived in the U.K. and Hong Kong. I have since become his avid student. I'm a believer! Learn more about him at

Laughter Raises Your Vibration

Of the many advances that Sifu (Teacher) James Foo has made in the field of energy healing, he has studied and adapted the work of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., author of Power vs Force. In that ground-breaking book, Dr. Hawkins describes energy frequencies. Everything in the world  plants, minerals, animals, humans — is comprised of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. The higher the frequency, the more spiritual the energy.

James Foo has determined that Earth (the planet) currently vibrates at a frequency of 207. Most people vibrate at that frequency as well, unless one is ill. In that case, the frequency may be lower. Have you heard the expression "Laughter is the best medicine"? That's because laughter raises one's frequency, facilitating healing. Have you watched the movie Patch Adams, based on the biography of Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, the American physician? He was the first to recommend humor to enable healing.

Love Energy

According to James Foo, love energy vibrates at a frequency of 528. So, how does a person raise his or her energy to the frequency of 528? That's where the magic formula comes in. James Foo's approach is so simple, yet so effective.

You can raise your personal frequency to 528, and feel the evidence of the change!

James Foo's 5 2 8 Procedure

1. Stay very still. Hold your palms facing each other about a foot apart.

2. Slowly move your palms together. Stop when you feel a slight increase in air pressure when your palms are a few inches apart. This is the outer limit of your natural aura, aka energy field. If you do not feel the very subtle difference in pressure, don't worry. It comes with practice.

3. Repeat 5 2 8 at least five times. Important: say (or think) the number 5, then 2, then 8, not five hundred twenty-eight.

4. Hold your palms at least two feet apart, and slowly move your palms together.
Do you feel the slight increase in pressure when your hands are further apart than in Step 2? If so, that is evidence that your energy field has expanded and your frequency is higher!

Your body will remain at the higher frequency until you move. To keep your frequency high, continue to repeat 5 2 8.

Once you are a believer, you don't need to use your palms to verify your expanded energy field. You may simply repeat 5 2 8 five times, and your frequency will increase.
Healing with 5 2 8 

At a frequency of 528, James Foo says that a person can "command" energy for healing. In other words, a person can direct love energy to heal one's own body, or direct that energy to someone else.

He teaches the Qi Gong "no me" principle. For self-healing, do not use the words "me" or "my". 

Try these suggestions when you are at the 528 frequency. Remember to stay very still. Focus for a minute or so. Repeat daily.

1. Fill body with healing energy (intending that it be your own body).

2. Clear anger in body related to ____________ (issue).

3. Clear sorrow in heart related to ____________ (issue).

4. Heal source of pain in ____________ (part of body).

5. Send love energy to ____________ (name).

6. Fill ___________'s body with healing energy.

You may of course modify these suggestions to suit. If there is a loving, healing intent, 528 will work.

Please let me know about your experiences!

About Madelle Morgan

Madelle believes in laughter and love energy. 

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Diana McCollum said...

What an interesting post! I tried the 5-2-8 exercise and think I did feel a slight rise in pressure. Will continue it. I am also going to check James Foo. If he has an on line class, I might take it. Thank you for an informative blog post. Good luck on sales!!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Madelle. I learned something similar about energy control. Didn't know about the wording for self-healing but it makes sense.


Madelle Morgan said...

Diana, James Foo has no on-line courses (as yet) but he does have on-line energy transmissions. You can sign up for notifications on his website.

Judith, I gave a few suggestions, but the possibilities for wording are endless. From my own experience, the healing result is within minutes for something simple, like "Heal pain in cut finger", or needs to be repeated daily until resolved for an issue that is more complex.

One woman I know taught 5 2 8 to her 12 year old son. He used it to heal a rash on his arm. I think kids are more open to "magic". :)

Diana McCollum said...

The website you listed for James Foo doesn't work. Do you have another link?

Judith Ashley said...

I totally agree that children are more open to 'magic'. Thanks for sharing this. I plan on building the 5 2 8 into my daily morning routine/practice.

Madelle Morgan said...

Diana, the website is down today. Try in a couple of days.

Diana McCollum said...