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Sunday, October 11, 2015

These Magic Moments!

 By: Marcia King-Gamble

I’ve always been fascinated by magicians and the occult. So much so that sixteen years ago I wrote a book titled,  Illusions of Love which was published by Harlequin. My hero, an illusionist, made women really disappear.  He was an alleged murderer.

The back matter read like this:

Skyla Walker has turned herself from high school outcast to respected journalist. Now her hard-won success will be tested when a famous and very attractive illusionist becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of several local women.

Mind you, when I wrote the book I knew nothing about magic or illusionist for that matter. I had heard about David Copperfield though, and decided to model my hero after him.  I was forced to do quite a bit of research to make my hero, Creed Bennett real.
As it turned out, that book got wonderful reviews on Amazon.  Two of which I will share with you.

Illusions of Love (Affaire de Coeur)
"The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, a world-renowned black illusionist, and old family baggage are the makings for another romantic mystery for Marcia King-Gamble. Skye Walker is back in her hometown Mills Creek writing for the local newspaper after eight years in Paris. There she had blossomed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Now she is a self-confident journalist and a very attractive woman, not the same woman who was stood up for the prom as a practical joke. One of her first big assignments is to interview Creed Bennett, an acclaimed illusionist, who has come back home for some much needed rest amid rumors surrounding him involving a number of missing women who were in one way or another associated with him. He is also the one who stood her up on prom night. Creed has little patience with journalists, especially beautiful young woman journalists. Skye is at first insulted that he doesn't even remember who she is, and when Creed does realize who she is, he is embarrassed when remembers his innocent part in the prom practical joke. This was a finely crafted 4½ star romantic suspenseful tale."

"I have not only had the pleasure of reading all of this author's books, but had the pleasure of meeting Marcia King-Gamble in person.
This was one of the best romance/murder mystery books I have read. The plot that was selected for this story will show readers, that every page you will turn until you finish this story is so good. Skyla Walker, who is a reporter, is the heroine in this story and Creed Bennett, the famous illusionist is the hero. To my fellow romance readers: if you like the stories that not only involves the romantic parts but has the mystery of five suspected murders pointing to the hero, with some interesting twist of clues to figure out as you read every page. Then, this is the book you must read, let me just suggest you read the entire book period. This is an easy read, very enjoyable, author will keep you interested until the very end and never a boring part occurs in this book. The author has truly impressed me with how well she put this one together, it was a very well thought out plot and she should do more of the romance/mysteries in the future."

This book also lent itself to wonderful giveaways (swag.) Anything to do with magic from playing cards to wizard hats were fair game. 

Then there was Island Magic, an anthology I was fortunate enough to be included in.


One of the first books my friend, author Sandra Madden wrote for the now defunct Precious Gems line, was a book titled Like Magic. It had a fascinating premise which I will share below.

"One minute Jenna Johnson is basking in the limelight as The Amazing Malcolm's assistant. Then, poof! Her boss pulls the ultimate vanishing act, taking all of her money with him. Now there's only one way out of Albuquerque: in an overloaded RV with a big-hearted Irish cop at the wheel. Jenna figures Arthur O'Reilly merely feels sorry for her. Little does she know the strapping stranger has something up his sleeve. What's a bachelor to do when he suddenly finds himself playing daddy to two pint-sized nieces? Find a nanny, and fast! Luckily, the girls are enchanted by fun-loving, footloose Jenna. Come to think of it, so is Arthur. Somehow, he talks her into temporarily taking the job. Now for his next trick: not falling in love with Jenna."

Clearly there is still magic in reading about magic. Its popularity continues in the form of paranormal novels and readers fascination with the supernatural.

As one editor told me recently, vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters never go out of style.

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Judith Ashley said...

There is magic in books. One of the ways we expand our author-minds is to do the research so our readers can learn about all kinds of things. I think there is magic in learning.

Marcia King-Gamble said...

I completely agree with you Judith. Reading opened up a magical world to me. I read at age three.

Diana McCollum said...

For some reason my comment didn't post! Great post and yes, books are magic in so many ways!