06-18 Sarah Raplee – WHY PSYCHIC AGENTS?

Friday, November 27, 2015


Merryvale is a village everyone would like to claim as a hometown once Santa starts loading his sleigh. Luckily for readers who love Christmas stories, author Robin Weaver is whisking us there once again this holiday season for a delightful laugh-filled visit.  

FULL CONTACT DECORATING is the newest title in Weaver’s series that starts with the mood-lifting CHRISTMAS TREE WARS. Her new novel, aptly dedicated to Christmas Tree Lovers everywhere, brings back many of our favorite characters.

Here’s a preview:

Katrina Snodgrass believes she can get her life back on track. If she can regain her title as the Christmas Tree Contest champion and re-snare the man of her dreams. Too bad soap-opera star, Tripp Anthony, isn’t interested—at least he’s indifferent until Hunter Montgomery arrives and convinces Katrina she needs to make her former flame jealous. The plan succeeds, but Katrina finds herself equally attracted to Tripp and Hunter, the man she loves to hate. Her heart is torn, but can she truly choose either man while she guards a horrible secret?

Here's a link to make it easy for you to buy an ebook copy of FULL CONTACT DECORATING for just $2.99. Enjoy!

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Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for the review, Linda. I love Robin's humor. These will become Christmas favorites and annual reads for sure.