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Sunday, November 8, 2015

By Gosh by Golly Holiday Reads are here!

By: Marcia King-Gamble

It’s November already, and many of the holiday-themed books have already been released,  or are now available for pre-order.

Can you think of a better way to bring in the holidays than with  a good love story?

Holiday-themed books have always been a reader favorite.  So back to my backlist  I must go to resurrect one of my favorites. “His Call,”   is  a  novella you can find at Amazon.

Don’t you just love the cover?  The setting is New York in December.
Krista Miller, a single parent, is moonlighting as a sex phone operator to put food on the table and care for her young son.  Someday, Krista will open her own bakery- Sweetie pies.

  A serial killer is on the loose and his target is the adult entertainment sector. Joshua Stein is a reporter riddled with guilt and determined to get his man. When Josh interviews Krista, his perception of phone sex operators changes forever.   Can these two get over their distrust and embark on a meaningful relationship?

Here’s what one fan had to say about His Call:   

“I bought this novella because it has such a pretty cover and an interesting blurb. I enjoyed the reading a lot. The premise is different, unique. The heroine moonlights from home as a phone sex operator, but Krista is not at all what we would imagine. She's a decent woman recently divorced from her husband, a doctor she helped put in medical school who just left her for another man. Now Krista has to raise her son on her own and wants to open a catering business. Except that one of her clients has a similar problem. His son is gay. Krista understands the man's feelings, but is Josh honest about the reason he called?

I love the hero and heroine, so natural and trying to survive and lead a normal life in very unusual situations that get complicated with murder and suspense. The chemistry between them is sizzling. The author's writing flows nicely and will keep you turning the pages.”

To bring in the festive season, a talented author friend is re-releasing a novella titled, Mistletoe and Magic. It’s a wonderful holiday read and designed to get you into the magic of the season.   

You can find Mistletoe and Magic on Amazon at this link

The magician’s assistant, Jenna Johnson is left high and dry in Albuquerque when The Amazing Malcolm, disappears with Jenna’s life savings.  Jenna gives chase and accepts a ride from hot, Irish cop, Arthur O'Reilly. Somehow she ends up becoming temporary nanny for his two young nieces. 

Jenna has spent years caregiving.  But can she give up her new freedom and career for the awesome O'Reilly and the delightful little girls?

Of course O'Reilly believes all it takes is a bit of magic and a sprig of mistletoe.  But will Jenna meet him under the mistletoe and share the most loving Christmas they've ever known?

Another  "must read: on your list is Sophia Knightly’s Kissed by You, found at any of these online locations.
Dr. Alex Cortes doesn't want company on a holiday that reminds him of his parents' tragic death. The last thing he needs is a sassy, enticing distraction like blonde beauty Georgiana Kincaid to knock him off kilter.
Georgie had planned for a picture-perfect Christmas Eve with her boyfriend. But when he unexpectedly dumps her, she has nowhere to go. Her car stalls in front of handsome exotic Dr. Alex Cortes's beachfront home in the midst of a rainstorm.

Will bad boy billionaire Alex let optimistic Georgie weave her magic? Or will he run when he finds out her true Christmas wish?

There you are, with at least three holiday stories to choose from. But why choose just one when they’re being offered from 99 cents to $2.99. Now that my friends is a holiday treat!
 And didn’t you promise yourself  to do more reading this year?

When you're done,  come January,  escape to sunny Florida and experience Fun in the Sun. Come meet some of your favorite romance writers. Find your invitation below.

Romantically Yours,


Marcia King-Gamble

Marcia King-Gamble is a national bestseller and the author of 31 books and 6 novellas


Sophia Knightly said...

Hello, Marcia,

I loved reading HIS CALL. It's a suspenseful and sexy novella with a unique twist.

Thank you for featuring KISSED BY YOU. It was a joy to write, and it's dedicated to all the believers in Christmas miracles and the magic of romance. Sending wishes of love and joy this holiday season to all the wonderful romance readers out there!


Diana McCollum said...

Oh, boy! Looks like my TBR list just grew!! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites with us.

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Thanks Sophia and Diana for stopping by. T'is the season to add to the growing reading pile!

Judith Ashley said...

Oh my, all look like great reads!

Thanks for the "Fun in the Sun" invitation. I think I have to pass this year. Got behind on my own writing due to finger surgery...which is why I'm so late reading and commenting on your post. Looks like a lot of fun though.