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Thursday, December 31, 2015


by Sarah Raplee
The Ghost Cat visited our house again last night.

We've lived with this possible pussycat for five years. Doors on cupboards full of nice soft towels and blankets--exactly the sorts of places a kitty might choose to curl up in--seem to open when we're not looking, even when our alive-and-kicking cat, Freckles, is shut in 'his' room in the basement. When we're in bed for the night, sometimes what seems to be Freckles jumps on the bed and lies down--but when one of us reaches to pet him, poof--he's not there.

That's just freaky.

Would Ghost Hunters Jason and Steve from TAPS ) suggest that vibrations we don't notice affect the cupboard doors? Maybe we dream the cat-on-the-bed incidents--but why would two people dream the same dream, sometimes at the same time?

Tonight, we had a new experience. Freckles jumped onto the couch beside me, eyes dilated, tail swishing, and spent ten minutes playing with something that wasn't there. He acted exactly as though he were playing with another cat. He's never, ever done that since he moved in with us seven years ago.

At least whatever-it-is, is friendly.

And playful.

That's good, right?

(After moving to an acreage, we had no visits from the Ghost Cat for a year and a half. Then he started dropping by now and then - why, we have no idea. Still friendly and cuddly, thank goodness!)


Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hmm. Odd, but at least you're entertained and don't have to empty another litter box! :-)

Diana McCollum said...

LOL! Lynn has a good point! Friendly ghosts are good. And maybe it is Freckles the ghost has been looking for all along! Happy New Year.