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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Top Seven Reasons Readers Follow Authors

by Madelle Morgan

We all know that readers receive several benefits from following authors, or why else would they do it!

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By "follow", I mean either click the follow button on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, etc., and/or subscribe to newsletters or blog posts.

Which of the reasons below best represents why you follow authors?

Love the Books

The #1 reason is that I love the books... and by extension their authors.

It's All About the Books

Following an author keeps me updated on cover reveals, pre-order announcements, reviews, series lists, available formats and purchasing options, and other information that helps me decide whether to buy the latest book or other books by that author.

Additional Content

I loved the story so much that I want more! I enjoy extra content such as deleted scenes, character interviews, Pinerest inspiration boards, maps of the fictional world, and music playlists. It's all about the books, not the authors.

Read for Free (or Nearly Free)

I follow because I want to be alerted to the author's bargain books and deals, paperback giveaways, ebook promo codes, and opportunities to beta read the author's next book before it's published.

Free Stuff

I enter contests and giveaways and attend Facebook parties to win gift cards and other gifts, collect swag, and learn about special perks like access to conference parties. To get more of this, I might join a street team.

Social Media Interaction

I enjoy the day-to-day interaction with favorite authors. By reading, liking and commenting on their frequent, often daily, posts of photos, writing updates, glimpses of personal life, shared Facebook posts/retweets, I get to know the authors better. 

It's so easy to connect via Twitter, Facebook, email/messages, etc. Besides, it's entertaining: the authors are interesting, recommend good books, or make me laugh. It's all about developing relationships with the authors.

Blog Posts & Newsletters

I subscribe to weekly, monthly or occasional newsletters and blog posts because I don't have time every day to follow on social media all the authors I love. (I'm too busy reading in my free time!) 

To ensure I don't miss anything important, I subscribe to an author's newsletter or blog. This is how I keep up to date on personal and writing topics, new releases, conference attendance, book signings and other topics.

Readers, Why Do You Follow an Author?

What motivates you to click that follow button or subscribe to an author's newsletter or blog? If your #1 reason is that you Love the Books, what's #2?  Do you have a reason that's not mentioned?

Please comment! I'd love to hear your views.



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Sarah Raplee said...

Besides loving the books, I subscribe to blogs and newsletters for the reasons you mentioned and I follow on FB and other social media to be entertained and get to know them better.

Great post, Madelle!

Madelle Morgan said...

What do you enjoy most in terms of being entertained by social media?

For example, I like photos. I follow one author specifically because she posts beautiful photos of the places she visits.

Judith Ashley said...

I'm a newbie to social media (Twitter and FB, not even active on the others), the authors I follow are mainly people I've met at a conference, workshop, or are former chapter mates. I liked them or learned something of value to me from them.

At this time, I'm involved in FB parties to support an author I know or (drum roll please) to promote Romancing The Genres! Below is the link to the party on December 15!