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Monday, January 18, 2016

Bucket/Dream/Goal List by Lyncee Shillard

Bucket list means (is) something different to everyone. It’s a personal list that few people besides the creator will understand. For example, someone may have on their list to skydive – me – um no thank you. But I’ll have a doughnut with you while we discuss why you want to do this crazy thing.

People also use the list for different things – a place to write their dreams, a place to list their goals, or a ‘just want to do this stuff’ list. Because a bucket list has so many meanings/purposes the way a person goes about making and achieving it varies widely.

In my current work in progress, Ava, my heroine is bucket list driven. It’s always evolving to reflect where she is in her life. She was accepted into a dance troupe right out of high school so she left her home town chasing her dream of the time. But she knew her career in dancing was a short term thing so as the story begins, she finds herself back home (returning to take of her mom after an accident) and reinventing her bucket list.

Ava isn’t bitter. She lived that dream and experienced it to the fullest but she is struggling to determine what goes on the bucket list now.

I’m like Ava in many ways (well, except I wasn’t a dancer, I love doughnuts and she hates them, I didn’t return home to take care of mom and fall in love with a possible killer but besides those few things, we’re clones J) my list has changed many times throughout my life.

“Everyone needs a dream. Something that makes them get up in the morning and run five miles. Something that helps define them. Currently, I’m lacking that. So I’m no more than a robot moving through life.” This is Ava explanation of where she currently is in life.  But she isn’t willing to just ‘be.’
Ava was an awesome dancer but not so much skating.
A bucket list is all about trying new things :-)

I think that’s the key to a ‘good’ bucket/dream/goal list. It keeps you moving.

What are some of the things you have on your list? Do you dream big? Or do you use it for daily motivation? 


Judith Ashley said...

Welcome to Romancing The Genres, Lyncee! I'm a list maker so I have daily-weekly list I check every morning but I also have a monthly list. The monthly list has highlights (trips, meetings, massages) as well as the mundane (keep table in office cleared off). I don't really have a 'bucket list' as in something long term that I'm striving for other than to keep writing and publishing the stories that reside in my mind.

Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Lyncee! So nice to have you join us!

I'm a list maker as well, but I have trouble with long-term goals, maybe because life has surprised me so often that it seems fruitless to plan that far ahead. I set goals while God makes other plans. But having a long-term goal is important, even if it changes, as your character points out.:-)

Paty Jager said...

Welcome to RTG! Great post! I like how your weaved it toward your character and I liked your sense of humor. Does that come through in your stories?

Diana McCollum said...

I'm more a daily/weekly goal maker. I feel so good each time i cross something off my list. Ava sounds like an interesting character.

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Lyncee, welcome! I like the premise of your story. I never use the word bucket list as it implies that I might die. I plan on living for a very long time. There are places I still want to see, but my motto is do it now (savings be damned.)I've seen too many people wait too long to go after their dreams and by that time they are too frail to enjoy their dream. Life is a gift, live it now. Love your storyline.