Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Bucket List: Victorian American West

Kristin Holt

Hi, everyone. I’m new.

Like a newcomer to the cocktail party (or neighborhood book club), I’ve listened (read blog posts), nodded (read responses), and smiled a lot (lurked). But I’m a stranger. It’s my turn to 'speak' and decorum insists I introduce myself. {waves!} I’m Kristin Holt. I write Sweet Victorian Western Romance.


on my personal bucket list is in the past.
1st drawing, Eiffel Tower, Public domain
Writing late 19th century characters and settings is my time machine, and facilitates achievement of my bucket-list. Researching every nuance of the locale and time period is a little too exciting. I’m able to visit, dwell, experience anywhere… all without leaving modern conveniences. Like central heat, air conditioning, and ice cream.

I spend so much time immersed in the 19th century, I catch myself thinking travel by train is the height of invention. Telegrams are the speedy way to communicate, not letters. And my heroes must allow time to saddle the trusty horse (or even longer to hitch the team to the wagon or buggy) before they ride out.

Kristin Holt (yellow rain jacket)

An 1896 character I’ve had simmering on the back burner (Andrew Proctor, The Doctor Claims a Bride) wants a Civil Engineering degree and to eventually build immense structures. His bucket list includes visiting the Eiffel Tower (1889), Washington Monument (1884), Cathedral of Our Lady (Antwerp, Belgium) (1521)… places I’ve been with the ease of domestic and transatlantic flight… and snapped digital pics. Naturally, Andrew's bucket list will go to war with his conscience and everyone’s expectations. [Cue maniacal laughter.]
Forthcoming Title
I can't sketch worth a darn. I have no interest in photography. Had I lived in 1896, I would have been forced to rely on my memory for every detail. And travel by boat. Without air conditioning. And drink water that tasted like a wooden barrel. And ‘bathe’ in a bowl. I use ‘bathe’ in the loosest of terms.
I’m a modern woman and adore modern comforts, yet I’m madly in love with the Victorian American West. Top priority on my bucket list in 2016? Spend more time in the 1870's, 1880's, and 1890's. I may flirt with 1900 and 1901, but my first love will forever be the last third of the 19th century.

You'll learn more about me, my books, and the Victorian American West at www.KristinHolt.com.

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Madelle Morgan said...

Hi Kristin,

Welcome to the Romancing the Genres! I definitely want to read your upcoming book with the civil engineer wanna-be. I AM a civil engineer. We attend to the heights (tall buildings, bridges, hydro towers) and the depths (water and sewer infrastructure), depending on specialization. Also, civil engineers built the road and railways (and associated bridges). I believe back in the old west small communities fought over whether they'd be on the rail route or by-passed, which meant death of the town). Money, greed, trickery... Lots of conflict potential...

So it would be awesome to read a book that described actually building the infrastructure that turned the wild west into towns and cities. It's unexplored territory, so to speak!


Linda Lovely said...

So glad you've joined Romancing the Genres! I've only written one historical but I totally understand what you're saying about being immersed in the time period and loving the research. Look forward to reading your books.

Judith Ashley said...

Welcome Kristin! I love reading about times of yore but the idea of living there? I'm at the very least a flush toilet kinda gal and depending on where I'd live central air and maybe heating. I'm always amazed when I think of earlier living conditions, that we've survived at all!

Diana McCollum said...

So glad to have you join the RTG blog team! I find researching a different era fascinating too. Your up coming book sounds like a really good read. Love your web page.

Sarah Raplee said...

Welcome, Kristin! I love the Victorian time period in the American West, too. I've written a novella and two short stories set in that time period (although the short stories are Steampunk), and I loved doing the research. I'm looking forward to reading your books.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hi Kristin, I also enjoy going back in time through books, but enjoy running water and such, so I wouldn't do well if I was actually dumped in the 1800s. :-)

Paty Jager said...

Welcome Kristin! You and I have so much in common it's uncanny! Which we've been finding out through our anthology together and our blogtalk radio show. I love living in the 1800's too.

Kristin Holt said...

Many thanks, Madelle Morgan. I'm particularly fascinated with the explosion of Civil Engineering before the turn of the century... and can't wait to write Andrew's story. My husband is a Civil Engineer with next to no interest in the history of his profession. =) I'll learn it for him. I plan to do it justice; perhaps you'll keep me on track. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It's a pleasure to meet you.
Kristin Holt

Kristin Holt said...

Hi Linda Lovely--
Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by, reading, saying hello. Always great to meet other authors in the genre (and beyond).

Kristin Holt said...

Hi Judith Ashley!
My husband and his family love to camp--and I so don't. Like you, I need the comforts of modern Americana. Poor hubby camps without me.
Thanks for stopping by, sharing your thoughts, and saying hello! It's a pleasure to 'meet' you.

Kristin Holt said...

Hi Diana McCollum--

Thank you for the warm welcome! So glad to be part of the crew.

~ Kristin

Kristin Holt said...

Thank you, Sarah Raplee!

I've not written Steampunk, but have read and enjoyed. I'm just clueless (and research-dependent) enough to find myself partway through a well-done Steampunk and find myself thinking "Really? Is that true?" I'm gullible, I suppose. =) Research is my friend!

Many thanks for stopping by, reading, and including me.


Kristin Holt said...

Hi Lynn Lovegreen--

One of the great secrets of writing (and enjoying reading) Western Historical Romance (or truly ANY historical romance setting) is to not be too accurate when it comes to the less-than-delightful elements of life. Heroes were heroes and happiness was happiness... but the moat stank, sister. I started reading an unknown (to me) author's Victorian historical this week and had to quit. Too much reality for me... and I'm in love with the era. Taught me a powerful lesson, that.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kristin Holt

Kristin Holt said...

Dear Paty Jager--

Thank you, m'dear! I'm so happy to be here with you. We *do* have much in common, and I adore you for it. Thanks for sharing this post on Facebook (and likely beyond), for your warm welcome, etc.


Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Kristin
Welcome to RTG. Nice to have you here. Like Paty, we have shared a project or two.