07-14-18 Cassandra O’Leary

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Romancing The New Year

Dear Readers

I’m hoping to write more books this year, stay healthy, and enjoy life, but I’m not making any firm
goals because the last two years have thrown such spanners in the works, and not good, handy spanners, but kick you in the guts, bruising spanners, that I didn’t meet any of the goals I’d set for myself.

So, for my first 2016 post I thought I’d look back at the top ten, favorite historical romance books I read in 2015, and perhaps hint at the books I’m looking forward to reading this year.

So, my top ten historical romance books of 2015 are: (drum roll, I feel like I’m at the Oscars – in no particular order)

10.  His Forbidden Touch – Shelly Thacker

9. You Only Love Twice – Elizabeth Thornton (my first of her books and it won’t be my last)

8. Never Judge a Lady by her Cover – Sarah MacLean

7. Lady Hope & The Duke of Darkness – Maggi Anderson (my fellow Embracing Romance Blog Member)

6. Dukes Are Forever – Anna Harrington

5. The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne – Elisa Braden (her first book and it’s so good!)

4. Earls Just Want to Have Fun – Shana Galen

3. The Other Duke – Jess Michaels

2. When The Duke Was Wicked – Lorraine Heath

1. His Saving Grace – Sharon Cullen (my fellow Loveswept author)

I read many more and enjoyed loads of them, but these were my favorites! What were some of your favorite historical romances in 2015?

As to releases in 2016, here are the one’s I’m looking forward to:

·       DUKE OF SECRETS (Moonlight Square, Book 2) – Gaelen Foley
·       THE SEDUCTION OF LADY CHARITY – Maggi Anderson
·       THREE WEEKS TO WED – Ella Quinn
·       SUTHERLAND’S SECRET – Sharon Cullen
·       TEMPTING MR. TOWNSEND – Anna Campbell
·       LORD GALLANT – Wendy Vella

Whatever you read this year, I hope it brings you joy! And if you really loved it, I hope you’ll tell everyone. Authors #1 selling tool is word of mouth. So get out there and share the joy of reading.


Sarah Raplee said...

I know you've had a difficult year, Bron. I hope 2016 goes much better!

Just yesterday, I heard the term 'Duke of Darkness on a kids' tv show and thought, "What a great title for a historical romance!' I gotta read that one for sure! Thank you for the recommendations!

Judith Ashley said...

I love Anna Campbell's books and also Gaelen Foley and Ella Quinn. You've given me some new names to explore - thank you!

I've had 4 Georgette Heyer books in my TBR pile for several years so I read them. I enjoyed the story lines but the one where she used more "cant" was a challenge. It really brought how the importance of balancing the "real" language in a story and your readers' ability to understand what the character is actually talking about.