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Friday, January 8, 2016


By Diana McCollum    
{Note: Diana will respond to comments as soon as her internet access is restored.}

I had never read any kind of paranormal book. And then one day, I was on my lunch hour from work and walking in Safeway. Near the checkout stand was a rack of books. One cover in particular caught my eye, “Breath of Magic”, by Teresa Medeiros, and I bought it.

This book is what I would call a light paranormal. Not a lot of blood and gore, in fact hardly any. Puritan witch, Arian Whitewood gets more than she bargains for during a witch hunt and she and the broom she is riding on, crash land into the 20th century and the arms of the hero. A love story mixed with time-travel and magic! I fell in love!

After reading “Breath of Magic”, I bought the second book, “Touch of Enchantment”, and followed the journey of Arian’s daughter, Tabitha Lennox, from the 20th century back seven centuries into the past, and straight into the path of a horse ridden by a chain-mailed warrior.

Now I was totally hooked on paranormal romance. Witches are the best!! Who doesn’t love magic?

I’ve read many books since those first two containing a witch heroine or hero, magic and sometimes time-travel. I’ve loved them all.

This summer I read Nora Roberts trilogy starting with the first in the series “Dark Witch”. You just can’t go wrong with a book written by Nora, excellent series.

My very favorite book I’ve read would have to be “The Witch’s Daughter”, by Paula Brackston. I read this book last year. I will always keep this book, although it is on loan to my sister at the moment. Not only is “The Witch’s Daughter “a well written story, it’s written in first person, which I don’t care for.

And yet, the story drew me in, kept me captivated and I forgot all about first person.

The magic of these books led me to write about... you guessed it, Witches!

My new book is The Witch with the Trident Tattoo, now available in E-book formats at all major retailers. If you want to know the exact date the book will be available in print, sign up for the Windtree Press newsletter.

These are some of my favorite witch stories. Do you have a favorite?


Paty Jager said...

Hi Diana,

I have your new book on my kindle just haven't had time to read it. I started reading witch books as a teenager. Witch of Blackbird Pond was my first book. I also read a Nora Roberts trilogy about witches but it wasn't the one you mentioned. I've read a few others but I can't think of the author to title at the moment.

Fun post!

Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Diana, I read your new book and loved it! I highly recommend The Witch with the Trident tattoo to anyone who enjoys light Paranormal Romance novels.

My favorite witch book from my teens is The Witches of Karres. The author, James Schmidt, was my favorite author until he died too young in his forties.

Other favorites were The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Witch World Series by Andre Norton.