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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A favorite place for all my moods

While, I have few different ‘favorite’ places for different things. For example… The coffee Factory is my fav for when I need to write on my laptop but I have the focus of flea on caffeine. So far I haven’t gotten up and started to dust or sweep for them so it works great.

Chia for the muse

A booth of solitude

Where murder, mayhem, and steamy sex scenes are created ;-p

But my ‘go-to’ for all sort of things is the beach…. I live less than a 2 miles from Lake Michigan. It’s my break from the world. Now in the winter it’s too cold for ‘beach time’ but a thermos of hot cocoa or coffee, a blanket, and a good book - I’ve spent hours in my car.

It's inspiration for a murder scene….  
An escape of looming deadlines, crazy day job madness, and life....


And there is no better place to do edits

I'd love to hear of some of your favorite places. 


Judith Ashley said...

I can believe winter weather along Lake Michigan is best experienced from your car. I was in Chicago one December and was cold the entire time! Maybe a slight exaggeration. Laughed at the part about the Coffee Factory. When I find myself wiping down the counters in the women's bathroom, I know something is terribly wrong!

My favorite places? Any coastal place where waves dash on rocks, the bigger the better or a view of snow capped mountains.

Lyncee said...

I'm a fan of the waves also :-) And the snow is up close and personal here

Sarah Raplee said...

Hi Lyncee! I totally relate to the Coffee Factory! I wrote my first manuscript in a hospital cafeteria. Coffee Factory has much better coffee!!!

I love to write at my kitchen table. Beautiful view out the sliders (we live on a hill in the country.)

Sarah Raplee said...

Forgot to add your pictures are beautifulo. I'd love to visit the Great Lakes some day.