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Saturday, February 13, 2016

TO TRUST A ROGUE + GIVEAWAY by Christi Caldwell

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Hi, I'm Christi Caldwell, author of Regency Romance with Heart.
In January, I released “To Trust a Rogue”, book 8 in my “Heart of a Duke” series. I always love to know what kind of a hero a reader prefers. Is he a charming and affable rogue? Is he a wicked rake? Or mayhap the brooding duke? I personally love a healthy mix of all of them, and listen to whichever hero is demanding a story from me!
I “met” Marcus, the Viscount Wessex in an earlier book, “Loved by a Duke”. I thought he was swoon-worthy. He was the rogue with all the right words. A grin that could melt a heart, and I wanted to know more!
“Loved by a Duke” is a story about life after loss of a friend and brother. And from it, one passage to be exact, is where “To Trust a Rogue” was born.
In the early days after Lionel’s passing, Marcus had come to Auric, trying to speak of that night and matters of the living. In the end, Auric had not made himself available. How many times had he silenced Marcus, shifting the topic away to something, anything, that wasn’t that night? Until eventually, the topic of Lionel and that night never again came up. Who had Marcus turned to?
 ---Loved by a Duke

That scene set my head spinning. Yes, Marcus was charming and roguish, but was he always that way? Was there anyone truly there for him? And what I found was: yes. There was someone there. A young lady. Her name was and is Miss Eleanor Carlyle.
And in “To Trust a Rogue”—she’s back.
The story is about new beginnings and a second chance at love…and finding forgiveness with oneself, and one’s past. It is available now at: Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo online stores.
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Question: To Trust a Rogue is a second chance at love story! What is your favorite romance trope?

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Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hi Christi, love the way you describe "meeting" your hero. I've done that too, with my heroes! Happy Valentine's Day!

My favorite trope is "fish out of water."

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi!I enjoyed learning more about where your characters come from.

My favorite Romance trope is the forced proximity trope ( ex. Hero and heroine get trapped in a snowstorm together, or they must help each other escape from somewhere.

Judith Ashley said...

Christi, Thank you for joining us at Romancing The Genres! Your question is a difficult one for me because I'm not sure I have a favorite! I just finished reading a Jane Feather's novel that was a marriage of convenience story. But I also love the second chance at love and the damaged hero/heroine who is healed by love.