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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pass That Book Along

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

These days with digital books on e-readers it’s more difficult to share a favorite read with others. But with the upswing in e-readers and digital publishing more books are available at lower prices (usually) than paperbacks. 

Although I didn’t get much writing done in April (several blog posts for a couple of thousand words), I did get Lots of reading in. Here are my recommendations for great summer reads.

Courtney Pierce’sThe Executrix” entertained me on my flight to and from Arizona. Much easier for me to read ‘paper’ than digital on the plane. Having been an executor of an estate (or two) before, I will admit my challenges were different (brothers rather than sisters) and no mobsters or manuscripts. Ms. Pierce blends mystery and humor into an entertaining read. “Indigo Lake”, Book Two in this series is available now.

Vivienne Lorret’s The Wallflower series as well as her Rakes of Fallow Hall series kept me sitting in the chair with my feet up, sipping either tea or ice water (I was in Arizona at the time). Ms. Lorret’s characters came alive and I was especially pleased to see them reappear in each book of the series. Not just in a brief sentence or two mention somewhere along the way but as integral to the current story-line.

Christy Carlyle’s first two books in her Accidental Heirs series (One Scandalous Kiss, One Tempting Proposal) with Avon were also on my Kobo. (The third book in the series is now available). Having read Ms. Carlyle’s Whitechapel series as well as several of her short stories, I was familiar with her writing style. She did not disappoint. 

Another author I read on my trip was Diana McCollum. Her first novella, The Witch With The Trident Tattoo, continues the Coastal Coven series she started in the anthology Love and Magick. Ms. McCollum’s creativity shines in the book’s concept and characters. I will admit to loving James! Shoe fetish and all.

Also on my Kobo are several anthologies. I love to read anthologies if there is an author I know because I assure myself of at least one story I’d love. However, I’ve met several new-to-me authors. Both Collette Cameron and Bronwen Evans had stories in at least one of the anthologies I’ve read or am reading. Once Upon A True Love's Kiss and Passionate Promises.

Paty Jager is another author whose books I enjoy. I particularly loved her Spirit Trilogy because of the Nez Perce spirituality. I’ve also read her Halsey Brothers series as well as her mysteries. Isabella Mumphry and Shandra Higheagle stories are well-crafted with just the right amount of suspense for me.

Looking at the list of Genre-istas whose books I’ve enjoyed in the past, I don’t want to forget Margaret Tanner who writes Australian historical romance among other genres and M.L. (Matt) Buchman who writes contemporary romance. Matt’s post on his newest release “Flash of Fire” will certainly be on my Kobo soon!

And last but not least, check out my Sacred Women’s Circle series either on my website or my author page at Windtree Press.

You’ll find the Genre-istas sharing favorite books/authors during our 5th Blog-O-Versary this month. Hope you’ll share yours with us!

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Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for all the great recommendations, Judith! I'm adding them to my Pinterest Tto-be-read board (Books I Might Read). My problem is finding the time to read. Guess I need a trip to Arizona (or somewhere!)

Judith Ashley said...

The trip to AZ sure helped but I was not as healthy as I'd like to be while I was there. I'm making sure I've some reading time each day now. Not so much television and more books in hand.

Courtney Pierce said...

So glad you enjoyed The Executrix. The second book is wild ride. The draft of the final book in the trilogy will be done by summer. And with all these other recommendations, my summer reading
schedule is stoked!

Judith Ashley said...

While I'm still reading, my pace has slowed a bit, Courtney. I'm looking forward to "Indigo Lake". Do you have a title for #3?

Paty Jager said...

Thank you for some good recommends. I have so many books I want to read, but find I spend more time reading for research than pleasure.

Marcia King-Gamble said...

Honored to be among such a talented group of authors. I can't wait to read your recommendations.

Diana McCollum said...

Great blog post, Judith! Normally I like to read most books as paper backs. I do pass them on to my 90 year old mom, who also reads them and then some go to my Aunt Jean who is 92, and some are given to others. this is a good way to introduce people to a new author they've never bought. I also read on my Nook, usually at the gym while riding the exercise bike.:))

Judith Ashley said...

Paty, your books have brought me hours of enjoyment. Hopefully something I've recommended, in addition to yours, does the same for you.

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks, Marcia

Judith Ashley said...

Diana, I read both paper and digital. Just started Maggie Jamieson's "Undertones". It's on my Kobo - almost read everything I downloaded before I headed to AZ and Desert Dreams. I also pass my paper copies on to friends, donate to RCTW for prizes at chapter meetings or sometimes take them to Powells or Jan's for in store credit. Win-Win either way.