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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Susan Horsnell: Australian Author of Western Romance

First up, congratulations to RTG on their 5th Anniversary. I wish you many more.

My name is Susan Horsnell and I write Western Romance set in the 1800s. I also write Contemporary/Erotic Romance under a pen name. I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and am a retired Nurse. Life has been extremely busy for me over the past twelve months.

I have released four books under a pen name and three new Westerns. Late last year I was involved in an exciting project; I was flattered to be asked to participate.  The premise was, forty-five authors would write 50 Mail Order Bride stories. Each book is set in a different state. Mine was Cora, Mail Order Bride of South Dakota. The books were linked by a prequel. It was the first project of this type and has been enormously successful.

Cora is available through Amazon.

At the moment, I, along with eleven other authors, am working on three ‘mystery’ projects. These books will be totally different to anything on the market. It is an incredibly exciting time for all of us. The books will be released on 7, 14 and 21 October this year so keep an eye out.

Other than my writing, I have been busy taking care of my mum. Dad passed in May last year and after 62 years of marriage, it has been very difficult for her. Hubby and I have also purchased a caravan and a new four-wheel drive with which to tow it. We have been doing a lot of travelling around Australia with our two dogs and extremely opinionated cockatiel.

Overseas travel has been curtailed for the time being as our male dog is very old and now blind. I couldn’t bear it if something happened while we were overseas so we will care for him until his time comes to an end. He loves the travel in the van, the walking and swimming at beaches.
I hope you have a safe and exciting 2016. Happy Reading!

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Sarah Raplee said...

congratulations on the success of the Mail Order Bride Series, Sue! I'm intrigued by your 'mystery project books."

so sorry for the loss of your father. Your Mom is lucky to have you to support her during this difficult time.

It's amazing how well a dog can adapt to going bline. WEe had a blind bassett hound years ago. She did fine. A hint (which you may already know) is to mark dorrways and furniture legs with vanilla to alert your dog, especially in a new or changed environment.

How exciting to explore the continenet on wheels! Enjoy every moment!

Diana McCollum said...

Sounds like the Mail Order Bride Series is doing great. Deepest regrets for your father's passing. It's hard for the surviving spouse, and family.

Just curious, have you been to South Dakota? Or did you do a lot of research for the story?


Susan Horsnell said...

Hi Sarah
Thank you for your good wishes. The mystery books are a super exciting venture and I think readers will love them.
Our dog is doing okay, we think he has a tiny bit of vision and because furniture stays put he's pretty right indoors. Outdoors we need to watch for trees etc.
Thank you for visiting.

Susan Horsnell said...

Hi Diana
It is hard for us left behind. I adored my dad and was very much a daddy's girl. We are getting there slowly.
I haven't visited Sth Dakota so lots of research was done. We visited and toured Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee last Feb and March so lots of research material.
Thank you for visiting.

Carra Copelin said...

Sue, I'm so glad I was able to meet you on your trip to Texas last year! It's very hard to get over losing a parent. I was 14 when we lost my dad, and I didn't realize at the time how much of a daddy's girl I was, until I was older. But I was. So glad you have your mom and your family!
Great to see you here. Very nice post!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for guesting with us. Susan. Getting caught up on your life is bittersweet. I'm glad you still have your mom and are off seeing your beautiful country! I've only been to Australia once but I've always wanted to return and see more - I was only on the East Coast so there is so much more to see!!!

Do you still have your review site?