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Friday, May 20, 2016

Welcome to Other Worlds! Pass That Book Along #scifi #futuristic #romance

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories to engage your emotions. And that means I tend to read mostly scifi and scifi romance for pleasure. Asking me to recommend a book will generally leave me speechless because,
a) Recommending just one is an impossible ask, and
b) much as I love SF, I know scifi is not for everyone and so I'm always hesitant to make suggestions unless I know the tastes of the person asking particularly well.
TBH, there's not a huge divide between paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy and scifi (in my view anyway). Most deal with the concept of other worlds/alternative realities. In the case of scifi, the explanation is scientific rather than magical or supernatural, although sometimes they can involve all three. I prefer to write stories more like Star Wars and Doctor Who, where there's as much an element of fantasy as science fiction. So I'm going to recommend some softer scifi romance/SF stories that I hope will entice you to try out more. And because I can't stick to just one, these are series so there's more of the same if you liked the first (psst, the first in each is free or 99 cents).
A'yen's Legacy. This is futuristic romance with a very paranormal feel. It's also very hero-centric. The first three books cover the rise of Lokmane slave A'yen as he learns of his peoples history, erased to keep them enslaved, and his rise to kingship to lead his race to freedom. Book four can be read as a standalone as it follows other characters in the same universe and continuing the saga, but completing other story threads and broadening the political and emotional struggles of both humans and Lokmanes.
The Corwint Central Agency Files - these are more classical space opera along the lines of Firefly/Farscape/Star Trek - character driven romances with a certain amount of tech as they feature several androids (Mechatronic Automatons), and several alien races. They deal with discrimination, sentience, justice, and the fight for love and freedom.
Girl From Above - again, these are space opera but lacking the romance of the previous series I've listed. They're not tech heavy, but definitely not for the sensitive, containing violence, explicit scenes and bad language. However, they're a real adrenaline rush if you like action and tension and a teasing hint of romance. Think Firefly/New Battlestar Galactica.

If you're still not sure, I'm part of a forty author strong set of first chapter samplers - Portals - spanning a huge range of various sub-genres of scifi romance (and all four volumes are totally and utterly FREE). The first volume - heat level medium - released just this week. You can find out more at the website HERE.

And if you happen to like Doctor Who and/or time travel romance, well, I am going to mention my series Redemption... (psst, book one is on sale for 99cents/pence/Euros until the end of May!)
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And if that lot doesn't keep you entertained for the summer, you can find me at my website, or better still on Twitter as @pippajaygreen if you'd like some more recommendations. Or give @sfrbrigade a shout if you'd like more scifi romance recs. Happy reading!


Diana McCollum said...

Hi, Pippa! Thanks the book suggestions. I have read your book,'Keir" and loved it.

Pippa Jay said...

Thanks Diana!