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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome to Shadow!

I love creating worlds. It’s my favorite part of writing.

Welcome to Shadow!

Population: Unknown – due to the nature of our residents it’s impossible to take a census.

It’s April Fools and things just aren’t going good for the top level witch Estella…

Here’s a peek ;-)

Estella looked inside the blood soaked box. “Shit. This is bad.”

When the doorbell had chimed at two minutes after midnight on April Fools, she’d assumed it was the jester’s first prank before leaving Shadow for the human world for a day of pranks and chaos making.

She never thought she’d be staring into Sam’s dead eyes. Looking up, she scanned into the dark. Of course, she saw glowing eyes and shifting darkness, she lived in Shadow. Minutes past midnight meant every nocturnal creature was prowling...and hunting.

Slamming the door, she leaned against the wood and muttered a protective spell. Who killed Sam? And why leave his head for her?

She mentally went through the list of Shadow residents. None of them stood out as likely candidates in Sam’s murder

Heading upstairs to her bedroom, she picked up the telecom. She pressed Zek’s number and after a dozen buzzes, he answered.

“Whhhhaattt,” he slurred. She tried to decide if it was a drunken or I’m-still-asleep lisp but it was too hard to tell from one word.

“I have trouble.”

After a long stretch of silence she pressed the disconnect button and threw the telecom on the bed. As she pulled on her clothes, her mind raced. Why had she called Zek? He’d proven he couldn’t be trusted. Yet, she’d called. 
Shaking her head, she started toward the bedroom door when a shadow formed. Her heart slammed into her ribs with enough force, she half expected to see it laying on the floor in front of her. Someone had broken through her ward.
…. And so starts April Fool’s day. Only this year the pranks won’t be funny in Shadow or the human world, they will be deadly.

In less than twenty-four hours, Estella is going to have to figure out a way to stop the pranks before Shadow and the human world slips into an everlasting darkness.
The problem is the only one who can help is her demon ex-lover, Zek, if the human world or Shadow is to survive this April Fool’s day, she will have to somehow forgive him and convince him to partner up again.

April Fool’s will be available in 2017.

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Judith Ashley said...

My goodness, Lyncee - that's a daunting world you write in. How do you sleep at night? And no, that isn't a joking question. Just this excerpt and I'm going to be up for several hours distracting myself with other imagery so I can sleep tonight.