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Monday, June 13, 2016

Michelle Monkou's Recap of Outlander, Season 2, Episode 10

Outlander Season Two, Episode Ten - Prestonpas
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On the day that I write my recap for Starz Outlander, I'm faced with the tragic news of the Pulse nightclub massacre where so many lost their lives and so many were injured because of who they are and who they love. It would not sit well in my conscience not to express my sorrow and share my condolences with the families, friends and LGBTQ communities. Nam myho renge kyo.

As in life, there is tragedy in Outlander's Prestonpas episode which begins with the set up of the next battle for the Jacobites. Feeling gutsy because of the previous victories, the prince is ready to charge into the English encampment with little regard to the men's lives and the legitimate considerations to be considered before charging into battle. This man is no warrior-king. Please could he stop saying, "Mark me..." What an annoying man. And to think that if he could have reigned, I suspect that he wouldn't have been a good king. We can see that he's using the Scots to get what he wants. But once he's properly on the throne, he would remind them that he  - a British king - is over them. Their deposing of one vengeful king would be replaced by another.

With the good fortune and timing of information on how to deliver a surprise attack on the British, Jamie leads his men, charging with such passion, through the thick fog to get the redcoats. The battle is fierce and bloody. Steel against musket fire and cannon blasts. Both sides face casualties and deaths, with the additional bonus of the English fleeing for their lives.
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But the aftermath of victory rings hollow when Claire rushes to scold and comfort Fergus who has endured his first battle experience and when she can only watch the untimely death of Angus. In our hearts we knew that some of our favorite characters may go down. This a bloody battle, after all. Watching the episode felt like a game of musical chairs as the men fought, cheered or seemingly lived through trauma only to find out that not everyone was as lucky as Jamie to survive and be held and kissed by his wife.
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By the end of the hour, we know that the Scots have the spirit to fight for their prince and their land. But for how long will this victory last when the time of the historical Culloden defeat looms ahead of their efforts.

It's a definite moment to say: Stay tuned.

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Diana McCollum said...

I'm sorrowful this week and send my prayers to the Pulse shooting victums' and their families. Not a good week for America.

I so enjoy your blog on the Outlanders. I don't have Starz so I can't watch the show. However, I did read all the books and when I read your recap, it makes the story fresh in my mind.