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Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Destiny To Inspire

DaniJo Avia
Years ago A mentor of mine led me through the process of creating a Life Purpose Statement. After laboring over it for several hours I finally settled on three paragraphs that encompassed all I felt I was to accomplish in my life.

Creating that Life Purpose Statement was laborious. And while my intent wasn’t to sound grandiose, it didn’t feel like… me. Oh, it was true and accurate, and observable, but how it was expressed was just… too much. So I never really owned it, I lived it but I never owned it.

Almost 10 years later I reread those paragraphs and was able to refine my Life Purpose to one sentence, “The purpose of my life is to reflect God and to encourage others.”, and if I’m really honest, that sentence can be distilled to two words: Reflect and Encourage.

My writing embodies those two words and can be summed up as “I write to inspire”.
Skinnydipping, Book 1 of the Destiny Series, came about when I asked the question “What would it take to get someone to do something they’d always been afraid to do, and in the process learned who they really were and what they really wanted in life?”

Discovery, Book 2 of the Destiny Series, came about when I asked the question “What would happen if someone realized that they were more than they had previously thought?”

Legacy, Book 3 of the Destiny Series, currently in process, addresses the legacy we all leave behind us, whether we are aware or are intentional about leaving a legacy.

Writing, specifically writing romance is not something I ever expected to pursue. The stories come from my heart and are a reflection of the life I live. More importantly they need to be shared - to encourage and to inspire others to dream bigger and dream seemingly impossible dreams, to reach for more than one ever thought possible.

As I have journeyed down this path, I have come to learn that creativity spans all areas of our lives, from writing, painting, photography, music, architecture, gardening, managing, accounting and writing code.

Creativity is present in our everyday lives. We may not recognize it as creativity, or we may call it by a different name, but it inspires us and moves us forward from where we have been.

Over the past several years I was in a field that necessitated I keep a low social media profile, that and the demands on my time did not allow for writing. Having finished that assignment I now have the time to write, and what tumbled off my printer? Coloring books and Coloring Pages!

June 2016 I published ten Adult coloring books ranging in theme from Pencil Sketch, Gray Scale, Mandalas, Kaleidoscopes, Doodles and my favorite, 21 Days of Mindful Meditation. In addition individual coloring pages have also been created, with more on the way! All are available on my Etsy store.

A very wise person once told me that insight and inspiration grow in the potting soil of peace. These books and pages were designed to inspire creativity and create a moment to take a breath in the midst of life to pause and connect with the Spirit of Wisdom and Insight that comes when you allow the busyness of life to slide away. They are my attempt to help people create that time and place where insight and inspiration not only take root but flourish.
In the works:

More coloring books and pages! I’m having fun creating coloring pages and have also outlined books with several additional themes.

Finishing Legacy, Book 3 of the Destiny Series, Frank’s story. This series is all about encouraging people to live a larger life than the influences our society models. The Destiny Series is available at your favorite eBook site.

And I’m toying with the idea of a series based on inspiring and motivational quotes. Churchill said those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. We are all enlarged when we learn from others thoughts and experiences.

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Till we meet again!


DaniJo Avia 

Dani is the wife of a real life Ben; they have no children but over the years have collected many friends and acquaintances all over the world. They live along the river in the Greater Seattle area with their dog Her Royal Moo-ness, a Dalmatian\Lab mix who is convinced she is "people".
Amazon Author page: www.amazon.com/author/danijoavia

Twitter: @DaniJoAvia


Anonymous said...

Judith & Sarah,
Thank you for the opportunity to make a guest appearance. I've enjoyed reading the blog, finding new books and authors to add to my library. Dani

Judith Ashley said...

DaniJo, Thank You for guesting with us at RTG! Your post is right in line with the new RWA definition for Inspirational Romance - Romance with religious or spiritual elements.

Love that you have so many irons in the fire! Such creativity and energy---and you've shared it with us.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

DaniJo, you are a whirlwind of great ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us.