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Monday, July 4, 2016

Already In The Christmas Spirit by Kristin Wallace

Yes, it’s the middle of summer and yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July in the U.S. However, I am already in Christmas mode because I’m working on a new novella. It will be part of holiday box set with a number of Sweet Romance Reads Authors. This will be our third set.

I didn’t really have a story in mind so I had to brainstorm. I finally came up with a single, pregnant woman staying at an inn. A computer glitch leads to the inn giving her room away and there are no more. Does that story sound familiar? Maybe when I add other guests with names like Amelia Lamb, Juliet & Richard Shepherd, and Henry “King” Stewart while the inn staff includes Gabrielle and her father Jesus (pronounced with the “h” like hey-sus, which is a popular Hispanic name).

My pregnant heroine finds herself single and alone at Christmas and so she decides to take a vacation in Shellwater Key, Florida, which is the setting for one of my series. She gets to experience a small-town Florida Christmas and find unexpected romance with the innkeeper, who turns out to be a hot, single dad with a super cute daughter.

I’m enjoying the story so far, but it’s already got me thinking about the holidays. The hype for Christmas already starts around September 1st. Every year it seems to start earlier. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Christmas carols in the mall before Halloween or see decorations right next to the cat and witch costumes.

Do you look forward to Christmas all year long? Or does the hype make you weary?

Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational and contemporary romance, and women’s fiction filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. Look for her latest release coming SOON! TWO TALES FROM PARADISE. A 2-book box set containing Left Turn At Paradise and Coming Home To Paradise, Book 1 and Book 1.5 of the Shellwater Key Tales. For information about her books, visit her website: Kristin Wallace Author 


Sarah Raplee said...

The early hype makes me weary. But I love the lights and carols and Nativities.

Your story sounds like fun and I'm interested in the Box Set. A good deal, I'm sure!

Judith Ashley said...

The early hype is annoying. Thanksgiving weekend is early enough!!! My mother shopped for Christmas presents all year long. For me, early and annoying ads are a guarantee of no sale.

Carrie Macon said...

I start around June, listening to Christmas carols on the radio, which I've already started and buying gifts that I know my lovies would like and put away sho they can't get then. I will say I always give away a few gifts just because the kids are being super good and deserve one or two and have to go shopping at Christmas anyway. I love the idea of early Christmas.
Carrie Macon

Josie Riviera said...

Sometimes the early hype makes me weary, but I love Christmas music. :)