Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sweet Americana Sweethearts Presents: GRANDMA'S WEDDING QUILTS

What do you get when eleven authors band together to create a series based on one common character--and her gift of heirloom quilts to her 11 grandchildren, upon the occasion of their weddings?

The obvious answer: A multi-author series.

Another obvious answer: A dozen sweet romances.

Sweet Romances = no sexual content, no offensive language, and no gratuitous violence.

Less-obvious answers:

  1. 12 different quilts to entwine in stories, in keeping with The Prequel (contemporary setting)
  2. 12 different (but similar) approaches to Grandma Mary
  3.  Two sisters, both with an urgency to leave home...
  4.   ...and one who's desperate to return
  5.  Cousin rivalry and sweetheart kisses
  6.  Talented young ladies straining society's limits (Kizzie, Gloria, Monica, Josie, and Pleasance)
  7.   A mystery or two...or three
  8.  Music and song
  9.  Suspense
  10.  Ladies in big trouble, and ladies who are trouble
  11.  Men with hearts as big as the western territories (Tad, Jesse, Zebulon, Leander, Luke, William, Gabriel, Jacob, Morgan, Callum, Chase, and Colin.)
  12.  Mail-order brides from England, New York, Colorado (via Paris, France), and Iowa
  13.  Second chances here, and second chances there (don't you enjoy reading another chance at love?)
  14.   A doctor, and onewho doesn't want to be...
  15.  Love in the least likely places
  16.  Quilts celebrating love of family, the ties connecting generations, and marriages in simpler times and places
  17.  A new book club!

  1. Grandma's Wedding QuiltSeries, THE PREQUEL, by KateCambridge, January 1
  2. Kizzie'sKisses by Zina Abbott, January 9
  3. Jesse'sBargain by KayP. Dawson, January 10
  4. Meredith'sMistake by AmeliaC. Adams, January 11
  5. Monica'sMystery by KateCambridge, January 12
  6. Pleasance's First Love by Kristin Holt, January 13
  7. Zebulon's Bride by PatriciaPacJac Carroll, January 14
  8. Ione'sDilemma by Linda Carroll-Brad, January 16
  9. Josie'sDream by AngelaRaines, January 17
  10. Chase'sStory by P.A.Estelle, January 18
  11. Gloria'sSong by KathrynAlbright, January 19
  12. Tad'sTreasure by Shanna Hatfield, January 20

So, what's where's "the funny thing that happened on the way..."?

I'll leave the discovery of the 11 brands of humor--some subtle, some abundant--in each of these twelve stories. That, perhaps, is the best part of a multi-author series. Different flavors, styles, and focus. Some authors' writing will make you laugh, others will make you smile. We hope all the stories in this series are "keepers" to those who prefer a sweeter read.

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Diana McCollum said...

Wow, Kristin, that's a lot of different stories! And a lot of different quilts. Great idea to have the same Grandma making all the quilts. I like sweet romance, we need more in the publishing world. Good luck with sales!

Kristin Holt said...

Thank you, Diana, so very much. I appreciate your kind wishes for our new series!

Judith Ashley said...

Love the concept, Kristin! What a great way to read a connected series and explore new-to-me authors. I'm totally impressed with whomever wrangled everything to come up with the finished project. Congratulations!!!