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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Equinox--a Time for Superstition

The equinox is a time for superstitions. Are you superstitious?  I’m not.  Okay, maybe I have a couple phobias, but only a couple.
·       I suppose I might be superstitious about walking under ladders.  Especially those two-foot step ladders.
·       And I have difficulty walking on cracks—which makes me kinda crazy since I work on a campus with brick sidewalks.
·       If I see a penny, I don’t pick it up.  First, if it’s so darn lucky, why did the other dude drop it?  Worse, coins are a virtually germ factory, so if the choice is good luck or avoiding Ebola virus… No contest. Besides, I’d have to pick up two-hundred pennies just to buy a lottery ticket.
·       I am NOT superstitious about black cats crossing my path.  No matter than I’ve tripped over my ebony feline 287 times—sometimes after walking under the step ladder.
·       I’m very suspicious of a rabbit’s foot, though.  Supposedly, that little piece of dead fur/bone/ewwww is good luck.  For the rabbit—not so much.
·       I never open my umbrella indoors.  Why would I? It doesn’t rain there.
·       I don't believe breaking a mirror leads to seven years of bad luck. Unless you cut yourself--then you'll be unlucky for at least seven minutes.
·       Four-leaf clovers bring good luck. Puhleez! Anyone sitting in the dirt looking for one of those botanical charms is already behind the proverbial eight-ball. Not only are you wasting time, you are—I repeat—sitting in the dirt. 
·       Garlic wards off vampires. Vampires? Really?  Who believes that crap? 
Besides, vampires live in Olive Gardens; they must love garlic.
·       Refusing to kiss someone under the mistletoe is supposedly unlucky. Doesn’t that depend on who’s under the mistletoe? If it's the Olive Garden Vampire, you're probably unlucky whether you pucker up or not.
·       I do not believe standing in a circle will keep the evil spirits away.  After all, the earth is a circle and I’ve been standing her for years and Congress is still here.
·       I do believe it's bad luck to sing at the table. With my voice, singing anywhere is bad luck.
·       I’m not superstitious about the number thirteen. Uh-oh.  I have thirteen bullets.  Gotta go find some salt to throw over my shoulder.

Maybe I need an entire bag of salt, because you know what I’m really superstitious about?  Writing down my superstitions. 

Oy vey.  

Happy Spring!

She says she didn't do it.
The evidence says otherwise.

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Sarah Raplee said...

Funny Post! Thanks, Robin! Good points, all, LOL.

Vonda Lee said...

Funny, I thought you sad you weren't superstitious!

M Connel said...

Literally made me lol! Loved it!

Linda Lovely said...

Funny as always. Thanks for today's laugh.

Tracy Brody said...

I pick up pennies, not because I'm superstitious or cheap (well, maybe a little) but we call themm prayer pennies. Pick them up and use as a reminder to pray for someone. Sometimes my daughter or I will use a Sharpie to write "Pray" on it before sending it back into circulation.

Mary Szpara said...

I pick up pennies...Since I was determined to create a table top with them from this idea I saw online, its half done weighs WAY more than I thought it would, and I pulled a muscle trying to move the dang thing.

Barbara Strickland said...

Not superstitious but loved your blog. It made me want to read more of you. Wish I could do that for myself lol on my blog