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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I Should Write a Book, Redux

For our blog-o-versary, I've decided to repost one of my favorites pieces.  I hope you enjoy (or re-enjoy) the read, and perhaps have a chuckle or two.

Robin Weaver
I Should Write a Book, Too              
When people hear you’re writing a book, very often you get this response:  “You know, I should write a book.”  And of course, that profound statement is consistently followed by, “It’ll be a best seller.”

For those of you who have actually completed at least a first draft, or have made a serious attempt to do so, you know that writing a book is hard work.  In a prior life (last year), I tried to help these wayward souls reconnect with the mother-ship (translation: understand exactly what they are contemplating).  Below is a compilation of my attempts, or more precisely, my failures.

ME:  What will your book be about?
Clueless in Seattle:  It’s about a wizard.  He goes to Rome to save Catholicism by killing the Pope—who’s turned into a vampire.
Cole Kreme:  I don’t know but it’ll have lots of sex so it won’t be boring.
Ima Borin:  It’ll be my life story, starting with my advanced mastery of potty training and will continue on through my fourth marriage.
Nita Klue:  It’s about this mermaid.  Except she doesn’t have fins and she doesn’t live in the ocean.
Olive Miya Poopa:  I plan to write about how toilet paper is made.  It’ll be a kid’s book.
Future Bestsellers (Multiple People, with multiple personalities):  It’s about my mother (father/child/ex-husband/drill sergeant/psychiatrist).  My therapist says it’ll be good to get it down on paper. 

ME:  What genre do you plan to write?
Morrel, Marge R.T.: Oh, I don’t write that racy stuff.   I want something the entire family can read.
Drew A. Blanque:  There are no Johns in my book.
Clueless in Seattle:  My book will be written in English.
Ima Borin:  I thought I’d just use regular paper.

ME:  Have you taken any writing classes?  Attended any workshops?
Paige Turner:  I took four years of high school English.  Since my poem won first-place in the third period “Beauty of Spring” contest, I don’t need any more classes.
Otter Noah:  I don’t need any classes.  My book will write itself.
Clueless in Seattle:  You have to take a class to write a book?  That’s just not fair.
O. Mai:  Workshops?  Is that for binding the book once it’s written? Why do I need that? I’m writing an ebook.

ME:  Do you know anything about manuscript formatting?
Clueless in Seattle:  I’m not writing a manuscript, I’ll write the whole book.
Nita Klue:  My editor will take care of all that stuff.
Doug A. Hole:  I’ll just do a hardcover book.  I’m not too fond of those computer novels.

ME:  You know writing is hard work, right?
Chase N. Mattel:  Nah, it wouldn’t be hard.  I’ll just use the tape-recorder on my way to Myrtle Beach.  My wife can type my novel when we get home.
Heir, Hedda:  How hard can it be?  You think, you type, you put the book on Amazon.
Clueless in Seattle: Whaddya mean?  Like it’ll take more than a month?
Otter Noah:  Maybe for you, but my book will write itself.

ME:  Do you have a publisher in mind?
Doug A. Hole:  Once I finish with my book, I figure I’ll just look at the NYT Bestseller list and contact the company that has the most books on it.  They’ll jump at the chance to publish me.
Missy N. Link:  Well, once I go on the Today Show, that’ll take care of my publicity.
Heir, Hedda:  Facebook.

ME:  So have you actually started your novel?
Heir, Hedda:  No, but the entire book is in my head.
Chase N. Mattel:  I plan to write it over the Fourth of July weekend.
Noah Deia:  I haven’t started the book, but I’ve finished the forty-eight-page prologue.
Liam Malone:  No, but I plan to start as soon as my kid (spouse/lover/mother) starts first-grade (high school/college/drinking (okay, so no one said drinking, but they should have)).
Otter Noah:  I’m in no hurry, my book will write itself.

My conclusion: Don’t try to educate the non-committed masses who think writing a book is easy? Instead,  grin, nod, and say, "yeah, you really should write that book." 

NOTE:  Actual responses have varied, but are only slightly exaggerated; names have been changed to protect the ignorant, eh . . . I mean innocent.


Judith Ashley said...

Robin, This is just as funny the second time around. Love your sense of humor. And I think you should write a book about it.

Robin Weaver, Author said...

lol. Thanks, Judith.

Ann Chaney said...

Robin, once again you nailed it. So funny and true. Love bed re-reading!

M Connel said...

Haha! Great read! Thank you for the much needed chuckles!

Madelle Morgan said...

So funny!

What author hasn't had people approach with a "bestseller" idea for a novel, and want to make a deal: you (the author) will write the book, and split the royalties 50-50 because it was their idea...


Linda Lovely said...

It gets even funnier as we meet more folks who give similar answers. Just back from Malice Domestic where the folks truly understand how hard it is.

Donna Hatch said...

What's really funny is how often I hear this same stuff.

Barbara Strickland said...

Very funny and sadly true even from my own family at times. Great post