Monday, May 15, 2017

When A Realignment With Writing Career Is The Way To Go

by Michelle Monkou

My 2017 is a year of change. Whether for the mind or the body, my goals have covered it all with big plans. Initially, it felt easy to call it a reinvention. But after checking the definition, I've realized that my next phase is more of a realignment.

According to Reinvention is to make over as in a different form or to revive.

Realignment is an adjustment to a line; a proper adjustment of the components for coordinated functioning.

I've taken my writing skills, business knowledge, and core passion to realign with my writer identity . What I've chosen to do is to follow the inner voice that has been quite loud and insistent for me to stop what I've been doing and refocus. What brought me passion for close to 15 years in my writing world no longer motivated me to continue down the same path.

And to get on that new path required time, patience, and not too many intrusive, even if well-intentioned, input. The process of determining exactly what the next phase of my journey would be reacquired a certain level of humility, but also a large dose of confidence.

During this time, I also found that listening to motivational tapes and instructional webinars did help to hear from experts outside of the writing community. A fresh perspective is always welcomed to see things from angles that were not used or relied upon for its unique position.

After much soul searching that I believe will be ongoing for several months as I tweak, I was able to start writing a list of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn't censor the list or hesitate over any of it. It was a stream of consciousness that wouldn't be limited by current circumstances or shaped by what others may have done in their career.

So for anyone walking in similar shoes, I wish you well.

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Judith Ashley said...

Thoughtful post. I believe many others are reflecting and taking stock of where they are and where they want to be. Good luck on moving forward. I'm sure you will find happiness in your new direction and happiness is the best foundation for success.

Michelle Monkou said...

It's always good to take a pause and survey the land. Sometimes, no changes are necessary, and in other cases, it's time to tweak under the hood for maximum performance. :-)

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Good for you, Michelle, for listening to the voice within you.