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Friday, June 2, 2017

Authors Tammy J. Palmer and Mercer Addison, Oregon Originals

Hi, I'm Sarah Raplee, author of BLINDSIGHT, Book 1 in the Psychic Agents Series. This month we Genre-istas are sharing some of our favorite “local” Romance Authors. Since I live in Oregon, I’m talking up two awesome Oregon Authors. Both are immensely talented.

Tammy J. Palmer is one of those rare authors who debuted with a wonderful, unique voice and quirky characters. Her novella, Cousin Q, is a gem of a story!

Cassie Anders is struggling to make rent and keep her antique store afloat when her cousin shows up looking for work and a place to lay down his sleeping bag. With his history of depression and suicide attempts Quinton isn't likely to be any more reliable than her last employee-- her lying cheating ex---but Cassie has always had a soft spot for her younger cousin and is willing to give him a chance. She soon finds herself fighting an attraction that, for the sake of family harmony, must be resisted.

Ms. Pamer followed her Cousin Q tour de force with a novel, Playing House, which promises to be equally entertaining.

Pierce Vaughn, poker –playing, motorcycle-riding, business owner is done with women who want him for the wrong reasons. He doesn't want to be used, even for sex. But this is no ordinary situation. Ginny is asking for one night with the sole purpose of losing her virginity. He's too nice of a guy to turn her down. Besides, she's cute, and it's been awhile.


Ginny Cotton, bike- riding, chess- playing, loan processor must overcome anxiety and risk a panic attack in order to achieve her goal: have sex with the hot guy she met on a dating site. She's convinced that this is the way to finally get over her best friend, the guy she's been saving her virginity for---the guy who is currently dating her sister.

When things don’t go as planned, Pierce invents a game to help Ginny overcome her fear and achieve her goal. It’s a simple game until emotions get involved, the rules become harder to follow, and neither is sure anymore that winning will be enough.

Tammy J. Palmer lives in Oregon’s rainy Willamette Valley. Visit her website for occasional posts on Life in the Express Lane, free flash fiction, and other random ramblings. 

Mercer Addison’s historical romances feature unforgettable characters that walk right off the page and stories that bring history to life. My 5-Star Review of Even Nectar is Poison follows:

This sweeping story of love, betrayal, tragedy and happy endings takes you on an emotional roller coaster from the Irish slums to the homes of New York City's rich upper class. Ms. Addison's characters will walk off the page and into your heart - and they'll never leave.

Stalwart Irish family man Donald seeks to raise his family from poverty by emigrating to the United States. But when he is able to send for them, his wife and children go down with the Titanic. Mired in grief, Donald travels to Nova Scotia to identify his wife's body, but discovers another woman was carrying her travel papers - a woman who was strangled before the ship sank.

What became of his wife, his children?

Meanwhile, rich suffragette and Titanic survivor Olivia becomes guardian of a mute little girl who was thrown from the sinking ship. When Donald rescues Olivia from a riot, their lives become entangled as they each try to get to the bottom of seemingly unrelated mysteries - mysteries that center around one ruthless and elusive killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ms. Addison's characters stole my heart! She writes children exceptionally well. Her meticulous research made her settings come alive and shone a bright light on the injustices that prevailed in society during this time period. On top of all this, she has written a love story that will remain in your heart forever.

Five O’Clock Whistle takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

This love story is set in a rural southern community decimated by poverty, dealing with racial issues, but determined to hold onto their dignity and their souls.

When Mae Jameison's husband is killed, she is left to keep their cotton farm producing, raise their small child and fight to survive the Great Depression hammering the country. Two men enter her life and vie for her love, the local cotton mill owner, and a stranger, a hobo riding the rails (whom she shoots when she catches him raiding her henhouse.) Mae must come to terms with the loss of her husband and build a future with the right man. One offers comfort and security, the other integrity and determined grit—and a second chance at true love.

Mercer Addison has authored fiction stories set in time periods from the medieval era to the Great Depression, as well as contemporary romantic comedies. She and her husband live near Portland, Oregon. Their little Shih Tzu, Gracie, manages their home with a firm bark.

I hope you will give these two amazing authors a try. Don't forget to check for more recommendations from the Genre-istas throughout June! ~Sarah Raplee


Tammy Palmer said...


Thanks, so much, for sharing my books with your readers. I'm honored to be featured on such a great blog!

I'm currently plugging away at a suspense/thriller that I plan to write as Tammy Patton. My new website it Feel free to stop on by.

Happy Friday!

Sarah Raplee said...

Fangirl here, jumping up and down!!! Thank you for stopping by with an update, Tammy. I love your books and plan to keep spreading the word.

Michelle Somers said...

Wow, Sarah, I love the sound of these stories and have added them to my TBR list.
Thanks so much for sharing them. I always love trying new authors 😊

Diana McCollum said...

All the stories sound fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you, Michelle and Diana!