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Friday, June 16, 2017

Authors Who Write Love Among the Stars #scifi #romance

Hello, I'm Pippa Jay, author of SciFi and supernatural stories with a romantic soul. And this post is going to be a bit of a cheat. When this month's topic came up - talking about another author we love - I ran into a road block. How can I possibly pick just one?!
Another problem - the only UK author I read and love who writes romance is currently on a publishing hiatus, so quite a few of her books are unavailable or soon to be. What to do? Well, while I might not have a local author to talk about, I decided to go for authors who write in the same galaxy as me, even if one far, far away. :P At a push, I've managed to limit myself to five hopefully new to you authors in my favourite genre of SciFi romance, and who wrote some of my favourite books (I'm sorry - I'm biased!). But if I still can't convert you to SFR, that's not the only genre most of them write...

CE Kilgore:
An author without genre, dabbling in Romance, LGBTQ, Sci-Fi and beyond. Left my heart in Texas but found a home in West Virginia. GW2 Addict.
Why I love them: I adore the Corwint Central Agent Files series for being well written space opera with fully fleshed characters and lush with settings, descriptions, action and emotion. Plus she has androids - my favourite!
Favourite book: Promise the Stars (Corwint Central Agent Files #5).
Twitter  @ce_kilgore
Facebook C.E. Kilgore, author
Goodreads C.E. Kilgore

Erica Hayes:
Urban fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi author, reader, watcher. Author of the Shadowfae Chronicles, the Seven Signs, Dragonfly and the Sapphire City superhero series.
Why I love them: A gritty action packed superhero series with a conflicted superheroine, a super tense romance, and the darker side of having superpowers.
Favourite book: Scarred (Sapphire City #2)
Twitter @ericahayes
Facebook Erica Hayes
Goodreads Erica Hayes

Cathy Pegau
Author of the Charlotte Brody historical mystery series and award-winning . Well-behaved women seldom make history. Or the future. She/her.
Why I love them: Cathy writes SFR full of emotion, tension and conflict, and particularly f/f, a hard to find subgenre, with spirited go get 'em women. It also inspired me to try my own hand at f/f, though it isn't published yet.
Favourite book: Rulebreaker
Twitter @cathypegau
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Goodreads Cathy Pegau
(psst, get her f/f books for 25% off at Carina Press with code PRIDELUV at checkout this month).

Laurie A. Green
Sci-Fi Romance author repped by Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Lit, 2016 Carolyn Readers Choice Award Winner, Aspen Gold finalist, 3X RWA Golden Heart® Finalist.
Why I love them: far future scifi romance with strong yet broken heroes and feisty heroines, full of adventure, conflict, spaceships, and smexiness.
Favourite book: Inherit the Stars (The Inherited Stars series #1)
Twitter @sfrlaurie
Facebook Laurie A. Green
Goodreads Laurie A. Green

Liana Brooks
DECOHERENCE out now! Marine biologist, SF geek, parent, LDS, gypsy, guardian of free speech. Nevertheless, 
Why I love them: fast paced superhero stories with emotion, conflict, and a comedic twist that I will devour in a single sitting.
Favourite book: Even Villains Fall in Love (Heroes and Villains #1)
Twitter @lianabrooks
Facebook Liana Brooks
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And if I've finally turned you to the Dark Side...I mean, convinced you to try some SFR, you could find some other suggestions on the SFR Brigade fanpage, in the Scifi Romance readers group, or at the SFR Station. Or from the 16th-19th of June, you can pick up 9 scifi romance titles for 99 cents each by going HERE.
Happy reading!


Diana McCollum said...

All these stories sound great! I loved your story 'Keir". Looks like i'll need to pick one of these up to try. Right now I'm reading "Spark Rising" and I just finished "The Mind's Eye", both of which I think you recommended on another blog post. Have a great weekend!

Pippa Jay said...

Thanks. Oh, Spark Rising is awesome! One of my fave dystopias, but I was trying to highlight some different ones today.

Judith Ashley said...

Wow, Pippa --- these look (covers) and sound (your perspective) great!!! Thank you so much for sharing your take on SFR stories that captured your heart and mind!

Barbara Strickland said...

They sound really good