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Monday, June 19, 2017

Phyllis Bourne, Author of #BigDumbSexyFun Stories

by Michelle Monkou

Romantic Comedy is not my cup of tea...usually. But, there are always delightful exceptions to any absolutes, which is why you should never say never. And I'm happy that the exception is in the form of stories by award-winning author Phyllis Bourne.

(Remember the hashtag: #bigdumbsexyfun because whenever you see it, Phyllis's books and author news are sure to follow. )

Phyllis is an avid schedule planner-bee and you can probably find her in a Michael's store devouring the latest planner accessories. With those planners, she sets her goals for the year, the week, even on a daily basis to produce those well-written stories. Focused is what got her to this point, but she started with several Romance Writers of America's (RWA) chapter contest wins and finaling in RWA's Golden Heart®  (unpublished author) contest TWICE and the RITA® (published author) contest.

Focused on her brand of romantic comedy with a chick lit vibe, Phyllis underscored her talent with two recent releases:

Between A Rock And A Hot Mess

Amazon: Kindle Unlimited or E-book/Paperback

Riley Sinclair has man problems. Trouble is, everyone has one but her. 

After years on the sidelines at weddings, the head of Sinclair Construction now sits home alone on what used to be girls' night. Her only companions are television, a bottle of wine and a crush on a stranger she doesn’t have the guts to approach. Too bad she isn’t more like the daring heroine of her favorite show Hot Mess. Men want to bed and wed the glamorous Delilah Cole, while rough-around-the-edges Riley is relegated to the friend zone. 

Enter the perfect solution - an interactive app where the star of Hot Mess dishes style, beauty and relationship advice guaranteed to transform any woman into a man magnet. 

Riley re-invents herself, and thanks to the app, is on the brink of landing her dream man…and another she didn’t count on. Soon Riley’s embroiled in her own hot mess and has to choose between the Cinderella fairytale with the man she wants or the soul deep passion found only in the arms of the man she needs.


Between A Honeymoon And A Hot Mess

Amazon: Kindle Unlimited or E-book/Paperback

If anybody deserves a drink, it’s Hope Sinclair.

After catching her fiancĂ© cheating, all Hope wants is to get through her sister’s Las Vegas nuptials and then return home to cancel her own wedding.

But champagne and too many martinis screw up the straitlaced Sinclair sister’s best-laid plans. She wakes up the next day with a hangover, a ring on her finger and in the bed of a man from her past.

Hope’s new husband insists she’s always been the love of his life, but she won’t commit without trust. Twice-burned, will Hope go with her heart  - when her man and marriage are tested by a hot mess?

Here's Phyllis celebrating her first bike ride without the aid of her hubby aka "Mr. Phyllis."

Check out the video: First Bike Ride!!! Let's wish Phyllis a hearty congrats. :-) 


Kristan Higgins said...

Yay! Another PB book is always good news for me! So glad to see rom com done right!

Judith Ashley said...

Wow!!! riding a bike even with the aid of "Mr. Phyllis" is daring in my book. Thank you Michelle for highlighting #bigdumbsexyfun author Phyllis Bourne.

Phyllis Bourne said...

Kristan Higgins - your releases are an event for me, coffee, cookies, do not disturb sign, and plenty of laughing!

Judith Ashley - LOL! I ride it at least once a week now, so I won't forget how.

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Marie Long said...

Lovely article! And congrats on your bike ride! I love all your books! <3

Diana McCollum said...

Love your beautiful smile! Your books sound like a lot of fun!

manho valentine said...

Wow!!! riding a bike even with the aid of "Mr. Phyllis" is daring in my book. Thank you Michelle for highlighting #bigdumbsexyfun author Phyllis Bourne.
Thanks you!