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Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's October... Let's get the creep on

I write primarily romance/suspense. The suspense always is killing .... in a really gruesome way. Sorry, that's just what I write. So every October, I look for new and different ways to get 'creepy' - in a totally NON-creepy way.

This October for Wine Wednesday I'm trying a new wine with a 'creepy' name and reading a 'scary' book. This week's....

I'm also a big fan of fog...and we have some awesome foggy days here....

Now don't you wonder where the dead body is in those pictures?

Actually, I'm such a big fan of Halloween, I wrote a book about murder :-)

Knock Knock…. Answer if you dare.

New to Kanna, Florida, Lila Maxwell attends All Treats, a Halloween speed dating event in the hopes of meeting Prince Charming but instead one Halloween ghoul after another appears at her door until Cowboy Bill.

Jax Carlson has spent the last year focusing all of his attention on starting his own business. Hiring Lila Maxell over the Internet as his project manager was the completing task. Set to open for business in three days, Jax plans on spending a couple of days on his boat relaxing. However, his friend Erik has a different idea – a speed dating Halloween party.

Jax has spent the night plotting the best revenge possible for Erik until Lila opens the door. The woman dressed in the pale lavender Harem costume ignites a fire that Jax thought was impossible without the aid of his formulated dating list.

After a night of mind blowing sex, Lila sneaks out before they exchange real names believing it was no more than a one-night stand.

When Lila reports to work she learns Cowboy Bill is actually Jax Carlson. She thinks keeping her hormones in check while convincing Jax that love doesn't follow a formula is complication enough until she learns the participants of the All Treats speed dating event are being killed.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the month...

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Judith Ashley said...

Lyncee, Always love your pictures! Your spooky, creepy story sounds just that - spooky and creepy!