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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Trick or Treat...oh my feet!

October is here! Do you know what that means? Yup. Time to get the Dr. Scholl's out! LOL

As a kid, I couldn't wait for "that day". Actually, those "days". Where I grew up, Trick-or-Treating was a two day event.

Seriously! Two whole days of dressing up and getting free candy! WHIPEEE

While I reveled in the glory of all that sugar, and probably helped finance my dentist's new house, as an adult, I realize now why my parents groaned and tried to bribe us kids to stay home at least one night--at least until we were older and could go out alone. (Yes. I admit I Trick-or-Treated until I was 16. Full blown costume and all!)

Although my kids only get one night a year to dress up like the little demons, goblins, and princesses they are, and beg for candy, I too, like my parents, now groan at the idea of Trick-or-Treating. And every year I ask myself (as of turning 30 or so), when did walking become such a darn chore? I'll tell you when...when I started sitting behind a computer full time for work and play.

Yup. Writer butt is a cold hard fact of life. But it doesn't only affect your buttocks! It takes a toll on your whole body...especially your feet!

Whether it's age, or lack of exercise for the other 364 days a year...whatever reason, I have decided this year I would combat my writer butt and feet with some good ol' regular candy-free walking of my own.

As of last month, I have made it a point to walk a little bit each day, rain or shine. King Alfred makes the perfect companion as I strut around the farm, and keeps me entertained with his hopping and playing that I forget I am outside for a while. I do this in hopes that come Halloween night, I'm not crying by the fifth block and praying my kids score enough candy to call it a night. This year, I am determined to outlast the kids!

So what is the point of this post, Isha?

Isha's feet hurt because she sits on her butt all day?
Writer butt is for real. #buttcushionsaremygod
Isha is encouraging people to be active to save their feet in the future.
Isha really just wants to last longer Trick-or-Treating to steal all the kids' extra chocolate...

Or all the above?

Yes, all the above!

Tell me, am I the only parent who has or does experience this? Share your Halloween experiences as an adult below in the comments! And stay tuned until next month for an update on my hopefully extended round of using my kids to beg for candy! Wait...I mean, taking my kids Trick-or-Treating...


While I normally dabble in time travel romance, I do have a paranormal Halloween short, too!
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Judith Ashley said...

It is truly important for writers to get up out of that chair and move! The old saying "Use it or lose it" is based in fact. So, whether it is to be ready to Trick or Treat with the kids or go dancing on New Year's Eve or just fit into your clothes, getting up and walking is a very good thing!

Sarah Raplee said...

I have to admit the allure of taking the kids Trick-or-Treating faded as I grew older. As a grandma, I get to stay home and hand out the candy most years.

You are wise to be working on getting more exercise. We writers have to make a special effort to get enough movement in our days.

Barbara Strickland said...

Need exercise to keep up. I have felt the drain these last months. Love the cover

Maggie Lynch said...

I'm far beyond the trick or treating with kids stage. Though I did go out with my grandson when we visited the east coast a couple of years ago. Fortunately, his feet didn't want to go more than about a mile.

Writer's Butt is definitely a thing, though I had a start on it before writing full time. All my jobs, except teaching required a lot of butt in chair time. For me, the only way I can guarantee getting in my walking time is if I have a walking partner. I can make all kinds of excuses to myself (one more chapter, just one more day, must get this scene down before I walk), but feel responsible for her health so I go anyway. :)

Also, if my husband is going for a walk I will often go with him. But that doesn't happen that often because our body schedules work on quite different time frames. Keep up what exercise you can get.

I can guarantee that the older you get the harder it becomes. Harder to motivate yourself to exercise when arthritis is creeping in and harder to keep the weight off because the older body is very good at saving energy. The metabolism slows down and you lose muscle mass which is critical in losing weight.