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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Flings...

Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas!

Wrap the turkey, stuff the presents!


I may have those confused a bit. As I get older, the holidays start to blur and crossover.
But you know what doesn't?

A great romance!

Here's a couple of books from days past that has kept me going during this awesome, yet sometimes draining, season!

Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey.

What can be said about a woman taking a virile knight as captive and bending him to her sexual desires? A whole lot of steam...and a broken turkey. Thank, Johanna. I was so engrossed in this story, I didn't pay attention to what I was doing, nor did I care.

My very first Thanksgiving on my own making a turkey and I broke it. Apparently, you shouldn't put "that much" broth in the bottom of the pan. I essentially boiled my turkey, and it cracked right down the center. But ya know what? It was the juiciest darn turkey ever!

Next up on my list...

Enslaved by Virginia Henley.

Ohh what can I say about the lovely Virginia Henley-- who is the very reason for my addiction to historical romance?

Thanks to an enchanted helmet, some unexplained time travel, and a feisty heroine who seemingly always had one breast hanging out for most of the book, my kids were forced to wait to get their Santa on. Yup. I had made sure to get up hours before they could to guard the presents from little thieving fingers, and decided to read a book while I waited. Unfortunate for them, they finally awoke during the climax of the story, and thus had to wait. It's okay though, I stuffed them full of cookies and milk, and called it a pre-breakfast. They were content until I finished.

And last, but by no means least, Splendor by Catherine Hart.

If you haven't read this fantastical read with a hint of paranormal, then you simply right now. Go do it!

Thanks to a "ghostly captain" and a misunderstood prude (who's not really a prude, but no one knows that), this book had me so caught up I forgot to perform my Easter Bunny duties. Yup. Come 7 am one Easter, and I hear the kids stirring...then the horrible realization that I had spent an entire night reading and forgot to fill the baskets! My solution? I knew I had about 5 minutes before they all tumbled out of their rooms in search of their free candy. Instead of panicking, I ripped open all the candy bags and dumped them on the dining room table, then hastily scribbled a note from the Easter Bunny that said Happy Easter! It was a beautiful disaster.

Every last child was delighted by the mountains of candy on display, and not one batted an eye at the lack of a basket. WHEWWW! Close call....

You may be asking, so what's the post even about, Isha?

A) Isha forgets a lot of stuff when she's reading.
B) A good book can suck you into its world and get you in trouble.
C) Isha is good at getting out of trouble at the last minute.
D ) Isha's word of advice is to read responsibly!

Or all the above!

Do you have any favorite books that transport you to another realm, or make you forget your duties? Share below!

PS...update on Halloween post. Despite my hard work to get into the groove of Trick-or-Treating, I was forced to forgo the actual event to test my endurance. It was too cold and rainy for the kids to venture out, so instead, we baked cakes, watched movies, and binged on candy for the night! I ended up with a tummy ache in the morning...hmmm

Until next time,



Judith Ashley said...

Stayed up way way way too late last night reading Jo Beverley's "Merely a Wedding" One of those "one more chapter" nights. I think the worst kitchen disaster I've had because I was reading was letting the water in the pot when I was hard boiling some eggs go dry. Nothing like burned eggs to draw me OUT of a story! I no longer cook the eggs if I'm doing anything that can pull me into another realm!

Thanks for a fun, entertaining and informing post. All those books look like ones I'd enjoy!!!

And I vote for "All of the Above"

Sarah Raplee said...

Most recently stayed up way too late reading Sarah MacLean's "One Good Rogue Deserves a Lover". I'm working on self-descipline.

Fun Post!