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Thursday, January 18, 2018

New beginnings

How can a new year that starts with a super moon but anything but amazing???

I decided 2018 was going to be my year. I’m not a big new years resolution sort of person. Actually, I’m a non-resolution type of person regardless of the date. BUT…I wanted to make some serious changes to my life. And a New year that starts with a super moon and ends with a moon eclipse is my kind of year.

Sooooooo, I put shiny objects into a drawer, rounded up my turtles, and sobered up my squirrels and I’m ready to take 2018 on full throttle…. Some of the changes took behind the scenes planning before I could take the big splash. I always pick a word/theme. For 2018 the word/theme is COMPLETE…. Complete my goals, complete writing projects, just complete things in general. Now for most of you this will seems like a weird focus. But I’m queen of the half started projects. As I tell people, the two things I completed on a timely bases is having my kids become adults…. I also make a vision board….I made two goals for the 5 areas of my life…

I made a "GO ME" board it keep the positive in view. AND I already have a new cover to put it.

I have also started a good reads account to track my reading. This year reading focus is series. I’m starting A and B in January. I don’t plan on reading entire series in one months so I’m not sure how far I’ll make.

It's going to be an amazing year!  Have you done anything different this year to ensure it's amazing?


Judith Ashley said...

Fun post, Lyncee. I did do several things to ensure 2018 is amazing. I bought myself a set of "My Pillows" and I no longer wake up with a stiff neck, etc. I did Not write down my goals for the year and I no longer use the word "goal" because, for me, it has the connotation of "Have To." I've created a Master Mind Alliance with three other writers with the focus of supporting our marketing and promotional efforts. Another small group of women with whom I share a weekly phone call has changed our focus to better support each other on whatever it is we want to manifest in our lives. And, I'm in a monthly group of "creatives" whose products are on the shelves at a small start-up (Arte Soleil). Our monthly focus is to support the Gift Shop and Studio and each other. So while my word is "Focus" and yours is "Complete" there are similarities. By focusing my attention and intention on marketing and promoting my books I will be completing tasks that have fallen by the wayside or have been done on a haphazard basis for several years.

Thanks for asking a question that had me thinking and answering in a new way!

Maggie Lynch said...

I love your positivity board. That is so important to keep front and center. I hear you about reading more. I need to do that too, just hard to find the time at the moment.

As you are a new name to Romancing the Genres, I wonder if you could tell us a little about yourself or your books. At least have a picture and a link to your website or blog. It's hard to support the authors here if we have no idea who they are or where their books are. :)

Sarah Raplee said...

Love your vision boards! I want to see your new cover front and center on your next blog post!

I like your focus word, Complete. I think I'll borrow it for myself!

I joined Judith's Master Mind Alliance for marketing and promotion and the Arte Soleil Core Creatives group. I've taken on my first paid editing job and am reporting my word count faithfully to a goal reporters group. My goal there is to have something to report each week.

Have a wonderful 2018!