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Thursday, April 19, 2018

He said what???

Somethings in this world are guaranteed to make me laugh...My grandson...

He wrote his book...Swimmers the Turtle   and he loves reading to our dog.

And there doughnuts...

But what really really makes me smile???? A new book launch! Behind the Mask is part of the Office Seductions box set.


One night of playing Cinderella and having the most amazing sex of her life with Prince Charming, was just that - one night.
Only Prince Charming turns out to be Keegan Ames, the engineer for Jolene Rawmen’s dream project, a family nature reserve.

Besides coming to terms with the sex games Keegan has introduced her to, Jolene must fight to save her dream, stop a serial killer, and try not to fall in love with Prince Charming. 

It's available on amazon - Office Seductions 

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Judith Ashley said...

"Swimmers the Turtle" looks to be a well-read book and those are the best kind. Lucky dog gets to hear the story over and over and show patience and love to his two-legged friend. There are schools in Oregon that have reader dogs (can't remember what the formal name is) and these dogs are in classrooms listening to young students who struggle with reading. Your grandson has his own "reader dog" to support his writing!