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Friday, May 4, 2018

Celebrating Seven Years of Techie Learning and More

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual practices that nourish the soul and celebrates the journey from relationship to romance.

May 1st, 2011 was an Eventful and Eventfilled day in my life.
Because I’d begun a journey I’ve not yet finished (and most likely never will). That journey was to take me from “What’s a blog?” to approximately 84 blog posts, scheduled to be published on the first Friday of each month. In addition to these regularly scheduled blog posts, I’ve also done “Guest Posts” both here at Romancing The Genres and other blogs. So the 84 is most likely closer to 100!
However, my other accomplishment of which I’m quite proud is Intention & Synchronicity my Judith Ashley blog. I’ve written and published a blog post every Monday since January 2016. And if you click here and look in the right side-bar you can see that in 2015, I logged in 42 posts!

For someone who wasn’t sure about any of the what, when, why, how details of writing and publishing blog posts seven years ago, I’ve come a long way.
What have I learned on this journey? You do know that all worthwhile journeys have lessons.
I can learn techie things although I’ve still not caught up to my co-Blog Queen Sarah Raplee.
I can click on the Help button without breaking out in hives.
I can come up with new things to say or new ways to say the same thing each month/week. It does help that Sarah and I put together a suggested list of blog topics and I decide on a monthly theme/topic for my Judith Ashley blog.
I can invite other authors to guest at RTG and give them clear information on expectations, etc. Like jpegs because Blogger doesn't like anything else. And Please Do Not embed graphics in your doc. Blogger doesn't like that either.
I can copy, paste Word files and jpeg images into the “New Post” space.
I can change out the RTG Headline and add new Guest Themes and guests.
I can … well, I know there are even more things I’ve learned I can do, that I am able to learn and gain a level of competency that was sorely lacking seven years ago.
And I am fairly certain that none of the above would be accomplished at all if I’d ventured out on my own nor would I have gained the skill level and at times expertise I’ve reached.
What is also true is that the Inner Propaganda I started this journey saying to myself “you can’t learn that, it’s too hard” has changed also. “I can learn that if I want to take the time to do so.” Those words aren’t exactly the same as “I easily and effortlessly learn any and all technical software needed to be a successful blogger and author” but they are a long, long ways from where I started this journey.
In celebration of my own techie learning journey and Romancing The Genre’s 7th Blog-O-Versary, I’m giving away a Sacred Bundle kit. Your bundle will contain an agate from the Oregon Coast that I found and polished, a piece of amethyst, a piece of rose quartz and a crystal with it's own bag along with a circle of cloth and ribbon. Instructions for infusing your sacred bundle with what you want to manifest in your life will be included.

To win, you will need to answer the following question in “Comments.” Be sure your email address is included so I can contact you if you won!

In what month and year was Romancing The Genres launched?
Winner will be determined by random drawing if more than one person has the correct answer.

If you aren’t familiar with The Sacred Women’s Circle series, your complimentary copy of Lily: The Dragon and The Great Horned Owlis waiting for you.

To download it, you need only sign up for my mailing list. I will not spam you and, you can always unsubscribe.

As an indie author, your support in the form of reviews is appreciated. Please note in your review that you received a free copy of Lily in exchange for an honest review.

In the meantime, in case you missed the news, I’ve also ventured into writing non-fiction. My first book, Staying Sane in a Crazy World is available at your favorite e-retailer. By following the simple process outlined in this book, you can create your own Personal Staying Sane plan when the world around you goes crazy.
Do you ever feel as if the world around you is tumbling out of control and there is nothing you can do to make your world a better place?

Do you ever wish there was?

Staying Sane in a Crazy World may help guide you toward stopping the tumbling and choosing how to take effective control of your life.

The reality is there is no One answer that fits all but we each have Our answer.

In this short guide, Judith Ashley leads you through a straight-forward process that allows you to find Your answers. Answers you’ll use to craft a Personal Staying Sane Plan that will help you regain and keep your balance whenever the world around you is out-of-whack.

Learn more about Judith's The Sacred Women’s Circle series at JudithAshleyRomance.com

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© 2018 Judith Ashley


Dora Bramden said...

You've inspired me to keep going with learning the techie side of being an indie author. I often feel challenged by it but like you I've come a long way since I started.

Judith Ashley said...

That's the secret Dora - look at how far we've come. The reality is in the indie publishing world as everywhere else, the changes are constant and seem to me to be speeding up. As I'm working on edits, I'm ever so grateful for my computer. I remember the days writing reports on a typewriter and the arduous task of making corrections - sometimes typing a whole page over because the eraser made a hole in the paper!

Sarah Raplee said...

We've traveled the tech and blogging road together, Judith! I'm so lucky to have you for a partner on this journey!

Judith Ashley said...

We're mutually lucky, Sarah. I think the writing gods did good work when they paired us up.

Barbara Rae Robinson said...

You have accomplished a lot, Judith! Things change so much. The earlier tech stuff I learned has been surpassed many times over. And it takes time! I do need to get busy and learn some of the things I need to launch my books. The time is getting closer.

Judith Ashley said...

You'll have lots of support from all of us on #ftb and through Goal Reporters as well as Maggie Lynch's "Author Secrets" series. You'll do amazingly well!

Paty Jager said...

Great post! One of these days I'll have to sit down with you and discover the energy of the different stones. I love them and have quite a collection but have no idea what any of them hold. As for the technology. I think we all feel daunted one way or another most days but the technology in our lives.

Diana McCollum said...

It's been great being on this journey with you and Sarah! I think the blog started May 1st 2011. I love crystals. i have a giant one sitting on my writing desk.

Judith Ashley said...

Paty, One of my treasurers is a larger (fist size) piece of desert quartz I got from my friend in Arizona. Her mother used to collect this rock when she went on walks in the desert. I was able to gather smaller stones for sacred bundles as well as this larger piece for me. While I do believe that certain stones have their own energy, what's important to me is that I feel good when I see them or hold them. Then it really makes no difference what the books or experts say. Perhaps a bit of heresy but I'm on a phase of my journey where I'm divesting myself from items that do not or no longer bring joy into my life - so many things have left my house this year and I feel so much lighter!

Judith Ashley said...

Diana, we've had a great journey at RTG. So much to learn and we learned a lot of it together. You and Sarah are more techie when it comes to RTG than I am. Sarah created our first banner and you did this one. I am an audience when it comes to this stuff. The area around my computer is almost empty of rocks, crystals, candles, etc. I've pens and some paper and my Louise Hay, Can Do Calendar. They are nearby - up on the shelving next to my computer so if I look to my left I can see them. Is your crystal a quartz crystal (clear) or another kind. I've a larger rose quartz crystal that was next to my monitor and is now on the dining room table.