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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Marvellous Magical May #anniversary #bookoversary #unlockALS

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories to engage your emotions. And welcome to marvellous magical May!
May has always been one of my favourite times of the year, significantly because of three things. The first of May marks Beltane, the pagan start of summer and usually the point where the British weather takes a marked change for the better...well, sometimes. This year the first of May was actually a glorious day sandwiched between two very wet, windy and cold days - one extreme to the other! And how terribly British to talk about the weather. :P

May also sees my wedding anniversary, and this year is a landmark one - 25 years! I've now been married more than half my lifetime, a sobering thought. And it turns out that in real life, hubs is decidedly more romantic than me with a dinner booked at the pub where we went for a drink on our first date together (a fact I did not remember! I did remember the film we went to see though...)
The 7th of May also marks my sixth anniversary as a published author with my debut novel Keir, and this month I'm  taking part in a charity event that features Keir alongside a collection of other fantastic blue cover books in support of ALSA. Please go check out our page on the ALSA site HERE: http://webgw.alsa.org/site/TR/Endurance/GoldenWest?team_id=367681&pg=team&fr_id=12950
Landing page (Lea’s site) 

The fact that RTG also celebrates its Blog-o-versary this month is just another reason to party, and I hope you'll swing by throughout the month to join us. Have a marvellous magical May!


Sarah Raplee said...

You do have a lot to celebrate in May, Pippa! What a beautiful bride you were! My husband is also more romantic than me. Aren't we lucky?

What film did you see on your first date?

My husband and I were teens on our first date (many, MANY years ago!) We went to a drive-in movie theater and saw Winnie the Pooh Meets Tigger and The Love Bug, both Disney films. Second date was in a regular theater to see a musical, South Pacific.

What an AWESOME idea for Authors with blue book covers to support the ALS Association through a sales campaign! You rock!

Diana McCollum said...

Happy Anniversary, Pippa, to you and your husband! You look like a princess in your wedding photo. I love May too, as my son was born May 5th, His wife and him celebrate their anniversary on May 2, nd and a son'in-law and granddaughter and my best friend in Kansas all have birthdays this month. Wishing you lots of book sales. What a great cause you all are contributing too.

And hey, we all talk about the weather here in the America too! :))

Judith Ashley said...

Pippa, Thanks for sharing why May is special to you. I'll echo Sarah and Diana - love the wedding picture.

May is chock full of birthdays (son, great grand, best friend, nephew and a couple others) that I semi-celebrate. This year I'm adding a new birthday to celebrate- my granddaughter's SO. He's a wonderful young man and is easy to figure out a gift for.

The other reason I love May is because of horse racing's Triple Crown. Two races are in May and today is the Kentucky Derby - the first of the three.

Last but not least is, of course, RTG's Blog-o-versary. So glad you are one of the Genre-istas. Enjoy your celebrations!!!

Pippa Jay said...

Aw, thanks Sarah! Yep, very lucky. We went to see Naked Gun 2 1/2, which my hubs was rather embarrassed about afterwards because of some of the rather raunchy content (which I thought was cute since I didn't think he'd done it on purpose!). Then he walked me to the wrong carpark because I didn't realize the town had two train stations, and of course I'd parked at the other one, lol.
Thank you, Diane. Wow, you have a lot of fun stuff to celebrate in May too! And lol, I thought the weather thing was regarded as typically British - I stand corrected! So how is the weather there? :P
Thanks Judith! Ah, one of my co-bloggers at Spacefreighters Lounge breeds racehorses so she often posts about those races in May!