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Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Smiles & Laughter Guaranteed

By Linda Lovely
Holiday-themed novels and movies (of any genre) work best if they avoid clich├ęs and offer surprising twists. Robin Weaver, one of our fellow Romancing the Genres bloggers, is a master at delivering holiday surprises—and combining romance with humor. Her three Christmas novellas are the perfect trifecta for lifting your spirits and making you smile after a tough day battling crowds. This post is scheduled for Black Friday!

Here’s a brief look at Robin’s novellas.
The Christmas Tree Wars. The first in the trilogy introduces the town of Merryvale and its competitive and zany characters. Without her knowledge, Suzette’s best friend enters her in the town’s Christmas tree decorating contest, and we’re off and running as Suzette strives to beat snooty socialite Katarina. When Spence returns to town to manage his father’s store, he joins Suzette’s decorating team and the relationship grows tinsel bright. Then his NYC girlfriend arrives unannounced—and pregnant. Don’t worry there are plenty more twists ahead before the happy-ever-after ending.

Full Contact Decorating. Katrina returns in this sequel. She’s determined to regain her title as the Christmas Tree Contest champion and re-snare the soap opera star man of her dreams. Too bad he’s not interested. A man Katrina loves to hate talks her into playing at romance to make her former flame jealous. Of course, playing at romance soon leads to real feelings. But Katrina still is guarding a secret that could jeopardize her happiness with either man.

The Gingerbread Skirmish. Kaley’s in-the-red coffee shop looks like it will go under, when a freak snowstorm threatens her ability to deliver a special order of gingerbread that could save the day. Stuck in her mountain cabin, she rescues a stranded and grumpy Tanner, who’s fixated on getting home to save his violets. Tanner doesn’t bother to tell Kaley the violets are part of a NASA experiment and assumes he’s gay. Tanner doesn’t set the record straight. Stuck in her cabin for three days, they feel the chemistry but how can they get beyond the lies?

Here’s the link to Robin’s Amazon Author page. You can access all three of her holiday novellas here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you spend Black Friday however you most enjoy it. For me, it’s eating leftovers, enjoying family, and reading! No purchases—other than ebook downloads—whatsoever.


Judith Ashley said...

Linda, I agree that Robin Weaver's Christmas Trifecta is a perfect gift for oneself or others! And, I'm with you on staying home on Black Friday! I'll go out for my walk but will stay far away from shopping centers, stores, malls but unlike you, I'll stay away from even on-line shopping.

Linda Lovely said...

Sitting at the kitchen table and doing no shopping. Family members are doing that for me. Won't get me near a store. Hope you all enjoy your Black Friday however you spend it.