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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bright light in the dark night....

As I've mention before I live in cold Northern Michigan. Not only is it cold...it's gloomy. November had less than 9% sun! BOOO!

Because of the lack of sun, the short days, and the cold, Christmas lights have become my favorite part of the holiday. You are never too young or too old to enjoy Christmas lights. AND they can be enjoyed while eating a doughnut or hot chocolate cookies (the recipe is on my blog if you are interested - )

I love the Christmas parade...I really think I enjoy this more than the summer ones. Granted I'm dressed in 10 layers of cloths but it's soooo beautiful.

Then is the guy who has been doing this for years and now has over a 500 people come and visit his house...

He has a fire to roast marshmallows...

Christmas music is in the background....
It's soooo much fun!

And for those fans of the Polar Express... We've got that!

Now with all this visiting you'd think my house would be something out of movies - right?

Wrong! I have a tree...and unless you come inside you won't be able to see it.

Christmas lights is a tradition I love to observe but have no desire to be a part of.

While I don't do lights in my 'real life' I do in my writing. In my sweet Christmas romance - The Christmas Reunion - they decorate the animal reserve in lights. Each animal guest has their own theme.

Is there something you enjoy observing but have no desire to be a part of?

The Christmas Reunion is available - here
Five years ago, Joleigh Nelson turned her back on the only man she'd ever love to save her father and unborn son's lives. Now that man may be the only one who can save her home, the New Forks animal reserve.
Spencer Thompkin has spent the last five years in an emotional wasteland.  Unable to let anyone in after Joleigh disappeared without a word.
On a routine foreclosure of an animal reserve, he finds not only Joleigh but a son he never knew about.
Can he get over the feelings of betrayal and help Joleigh save her home – the animal reserve? Or will the heartless lawyer part of him prevail leaving Joleigh homeless and without her son?
A Christmas Reunion may not even be enough to save the animal reserve and restore their love.


Judith Ashley said...

Lyncee, you did not disappoint. I love your posts and all the pictures you share. I have lights up outside year round because I love them. Also have a string around the fireplace. I don't go all out like some people do but coming home, regardless of the time of year, and seeing the twinkling icicle lights always brings a smile.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hi, Lyncee! I agree with you bout Christmas lights--they help us deal with the dark here in Alaska, too. But we don't have any lights on our house, either. ;-)

Pippa Jay said...

Thar sounds awesome. We always take a wander aroubd our neighbourhood to look at the lights. I wish we could keep them up until spring!

Maggie Lynch said...

We haven't put up lights for probably a decade, just because ladders and nailing in the cold is no longer a priority for us. However, we do usually take a Christmas Eve drive around neighborhoods to enjoy them--whether modest or spectacular it seems to be a sign of hope and it provides light in the dark when the days are so short. Loved your pics and your story sounds great.