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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Letter To Santa

Hi Santa - I know you have to decide whether I've been naughty or nice this year, and that what you do or don't leave under my tree will depend on how you see my behaviour. Specifically my writing behaviour.  So I thought I'd lay it all out here so you can see my side of the story (pun totally intended)  - and maybe I can influence you over the 'nice' side (and there'll also be a bottle of whiskey next to Rudolf's carrots!)

I didn't write as much as I could have. It seems that the more time I have (and I have plenty), the less I actually get done.  I'm easily distracted by things like also participating in a 52 Week Photo Challenge.

I still didn't finish any of my half-started full length stories. See above re being easily distracted. An idea, or a character, comes to me and won't go away until I put at least something down on paper. And then I want to hang around in that story for a while because it's all shiny and new.

I wrote lots of 'naughty' steamy scenes. My romances always include more than a touch of spice (maybe Mrs Clause might like one for her Kindle - gotta put in a promo wherever I can!)

I didn't go to my national conference this year, which is more sad than naughty, but I did miss out on meeting writing friends, pitching to an editor/agent and just soaking up the motivation and inspiration from just being surrounded by like-minded people.

 I finished two novellas this year! I hope you recognise the fact that for someone who's a notoriously slow writer, and a massive procrastinator, this is quite an achievement (and deserves at least one pressie under the treat at least).

On top of that I also managed a 1600 word short short story.

I put aside the fear of rejection that most of us writers battle, and entered the short short in a competition. I don't expect it to do any good (it was a bit of a rushed job), but I made the deadline and submitted which was the main goal.

The national romance competition which I took on managing actually ran reasonably smoothly with a winner announced on time! It was a huge job, but I totally enjoyed it (and it's a great distraction from actually writing.)

I discovered that I can be a 'pantser'. This was a bit like getting an early Christmas present, Santa. I'd committed to write for two box sets and didn't have the luxury of planning and plotting. I just put fingers to keyboard, and the story did appear. It was a huge leap for me as a writer - a leap of faith and a leap into uncharted territory. But I did it !

Overall, this was probably the most productive writing year I've had, so surely the Nice counteracts the Naughty? If you agree, a few things on my Wish List are :

- Bum Glue for sticking my behind in the seat (or on the couch where I tend to write) so I can be even more productive next year.

- Continued self-belief that I'm actually an ok writer with the potential be a really good writer.

- Good results in any comps I enter would be really fabulous.

- A successful pitch at this year's conference which leads to a contract.

- More red pens for the endless editing.

Thanks Santa x



Judith Ashley said...

Andra, what a fun post! And you really did accomplish quite a bit of writerly tasks. Maybe not the "finish the big book" one but those smaller ones, as you well know, add up and strengthen your foundation.

And if Santa reads this, stock up on Bum Glue as most writers need it!

Maggie Lynch said...

Finishing two novellas and a short story is nothing to sneeze at. Were those what went into the boxed sets you talked about? DO share info. May the end of the year be filled with knowledge of what you can accomplish and a plan for 2019 that fits you and allows for more things to share with the reading world.