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Monday, December 17, 2018

My New Holiday Romance by Kristin Wallace #NewRelease

Very happy to announce that my latest book has now officially released. It's a Christmas romance that originally launched as part of the Sweet Christmas Kisses 5 box set (which you can download for only 99 cents), but now I am publishing my story as a single title. 

SECOND CHANCE CHRISTMAS is part of my Palm Cove Tales series. It’s the follow-up to the Heiress Games trilogy, which launched this spring. This tale features desperate single mom, Mia Reynolds, the cousin of security expert Damon Grant (who appeared in the Heiress Games books). Mia has been hiding a very big secret about her daughter and now the truth is about to be revealed. 

Ten years ago, Mia Reynolds and Winthrop Barrington spent one magical Christmas together. Until lies and manipulation at the hands of Win’s wealthy family tore them apart and left Mia to raise a daughter on her own. Now, both of them have returned to their hometown of Palm Cove, Florida. Once they uncover the truth about what happened, can Mia and Win rediscover the love they once lost and celebrate a Second Chance Christmas with their daughter?


Chapter Two

            Winthrop Barrington hadn’t been sure how he would feel upon seeing Mia again. Fury had been his first guess. Anger at her betrayal certainly. Regret at what might have been perhaps. Maybe even sadness over the memories that still snuck up on him when he least expected it. Memories that were all wrapped up in Christmas bows and twinkling lights.
            He had not expected the gut-wrenching pain. Just looking at her hurt, but he couldn’t direct his eyes away. He could have gazed at her for centuries and never tired of the view. Her red-gold hair, those glorious golden eyes, the creamy skin, and a figure that had once made him stupid. Stupid enough to believe that a guy from the South-side could love a girl from the North-side. Boy, had Mia proven him wrong.
            Mia’s sister, Chloe Reynolds, was eyeing both of them with suspicion. “Mia, what’s going on?” 
            “I’d say they know each other better than I thought,” Serena Douglas drawled in an arch tone. “Better than you let on the other day, Win.”
Win thoughthe’d known Mia, but as it turned out, she’d been someone else entirely. “We’ve met,” was his only confession. 

What else could he say with Serena Douglas and Mia’s sister standing there, watching with equal parts disbelief, bemusement and suspicion? He couldn’t exactly blurt out the truth. That he’d spent one Christmas ten years ago enthralled with a girl from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. That he’d lost his head, and heart, and then she’d vanished without a word. She hadn’t gone alone, either, but left town with her old boyfriend, Brock Thompson.

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Kristin Wallace is a USA Today bestselling author of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. She is the author of 3 popular series, Covington Falls ChroniclesShellwater Key Tales and Palm Cove Tales. Look for Serena and Damon's story, Second Chance Hero, coming soon! 


Judith Ashley said...

Love the excerpt, Kristin. The cover is magnificent and certainly drew my eye. I'm curious as to why you've published Second Chance Christmas as a single title when it's available in a box set. I've four short stories in three different anthologies but I've not really considered publishing them on their own.

Keyle Rece said...
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Maggie Lynch said...

I also love the cover and excerpt.

Judith, I wanted to say that I always publish stories I include in boxsets or anthologies when the time of exclusivity to that set is past. My novelette, Hogmanay Christmas, began as a story in an anthology. I also have several SF short stories that were originally contracted in anthologies or magazines that I put together into a collection of my own stories.

I have also published many of my short stories that are part of series. I admit they don't sell well on their own--the novella does and the novellette also does decently. In the future, I will only sell short stories in collections or use them as a giveaway to people who sign up for my newsletter or for fans and contests.

I definitely believe in the make every piece of writing work in multiple ways. The more products you can get from a single piece of writing, the more opportunities you have to attract new readers.