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04/10/2021 – Julie Cameron

Friday, April 24, 2020

Long ago, in a publishing world far, far away....by Peggy Jaeger

This month's topic prompt: share your favorite or most stressful writing achievement, was a hard one for me because I couldn't decide which would make the better story: something positive, or negative.

The negative one I had in mind would certainly have been funnier. Truly. It was a lesson in humility, patience, and karma all rolled into one.

But there's so much negative stuff in the Universe right now, that I thought talking about my favorite writing achievement might be the better way to go. We all need some positivity in our lives these days, don't we? That's a rhetorical question, btw.

Hee hee

So my favorite writing achievement story so far in my career is not the publication of my first book - although that's one of my favorite firsts, for sure. No, my favorite achievement was way back when I was a  nurse in my local hospital. I was part of a student preceptor program where new nurses are paired with students who are about to graduate. The nursing students follow the Registered nurse through their day for a half term ( 8 weeks) and learn from them one-on-one in a practical way.

I loved being a preceptor. In fact, I loved it so much and it was such a relatively new program - we're talking the 1980's- that I wrote an article about it in one afternoon and sent it off to RN magazine hoping - praying! - they'd want to feature it.

And they did!

I was surprised and delighted when a week later I got an actual phone call from the magazine's editor informing me of that fact.

This was the very first time a feature editorial I'd written had been published in a national magazine. I walked on clouds for months after that, but what it really gave me was the sense I had a gift for conveying my thoughts to others in written form.

Since then I've written dozens of trade magazine, freelance, and parenting articles for a wide array of publications. But that first printed article is one of my best efforts.

I've come a long way from writing editorials and articles. These days I spend my time blogging and writing romance novels. You can find my listings on Amazon, here: Peggy Jaeger

My newest and first indie released novel is  a ROMCOM about a girl with severe trust issues, IT'S A TRUST THING

Nell Newbery has trust issues. It’s hard to trust when you’re the daughter of a fallen financial scion who bilked people out of billions. Nell’s done everything in her power to keep away from men who see her as their ticket to fortune and fame. All she wants to do is run her ultra-successful business, HELPFUL HUNKS, in peace.

But it wouldn’t hurt to find a guy who doesn’t know a thing about her father’s felonious past; one she can give her heart to and trust it won’t come back to her battered, bruised, and broken.

Is Charlie Churchill that guy? On the surface he seems perfect, all polished manners and quiet mirth. Nell’s convinced he knows nothing about her, other than she likes superhero movies and views junk food as a food group.

Can she trust him to be what he appears to be? Or is he just pretending?

For Nell, trust is everything in life…and in love.

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Until next time, peeps ~ Peg


Karen Hulene Bartell said...

Best of luck with IT'S A TRUST THING - sounds like fun read!

D. V. Stone said...

Thanks for a positive post! Good luck with your book. D. V.

peggy jaeger said...

Karen - thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words.

peggy jaeger said...

D.V> Thanks, I try to be positive. Sometimes it way harder than others!

Roni Denholtz said...

I'm following your example and trying to publish diversely!

Ilona Fridl said...

Your journey is so close to mine! An only child of a single mother, but my father died when I was one. Loved making up stories, and later sold articles and short stories before I sold my first novel. Best wishes on your book!

Tena Stetler said...

Thanks for bringing a bit of positive into the universe. Enjoyed your post. Good luck with your book

Deb N said...

Peggy - it's a different kind of writing, but just as fun. Working for schools and non-profits, I wrote everything from pamphlets to Op-Eds for newspapers to newsletter articles (and oh, those grants where you had to up the creativity to show the human side of your non-profit services.) But my favorite was writing for 3 different alumni magazines. It was non-fiction writing, but with creativity thrown in as you told that human-interest story - trying to find an interesting angle and tell one piece of that person's life, versus a biography. And my alumni magazine adventure was also where I wrote my first book review. What fun - also trying to find a good angle to tell a compelling reason why one should read the book. Great post!

Judith Ashley said...

"It's A Trust Thing" looks like a fun and entertaining read that has some fundamental truths woven into the foundation. Those early writing experiences are invaluable when moving from non-fiction to fiction.

Diana McCollum said...

I enjoyed your blog post! I agree that writing can be done at any age. And when you think about it, an "older" woman has more life experiences to draw from. :))

From one of those "Older" women , Diana

peggy jaeger said...

Roni - good for you.

peggy jaeger said...

Ilona - I knew I loved you !!!!

peggy jaeger said...

Tena 0 hahah YOu're welcome!

peggy jaeger said...

Deb N. thanks for the kind words!!!

peggy jaeger said...

JUdith I agree - good writing whether fiction or non is built on a foundation of craft!

peggy jaeger said...

Diana - I wholeheartedly agree!!!

Barbara Bettis said...

Great doing, Peggy! Congratulations, lady. And all the best with It's A Trust Thing,

peggy jaeger said...

Thanks Barbara - and thanks for your support and friendship!