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Inspirational Romance with Carmen Peone

I'm excited to have an author I call a friend starting off our 3rd Saturday romance subgenre posts. 

I met Carmen Peone at a book signing we were both booked for at a wonderful bookstore in Clarkston, WA. We found we had several things in common and I had been toying with a character who is Native American. She was very helpful in allaying my fears and helping me with my first murder mystery series. 

Carmen Peone is an award-winning author of Young Adult and Inspirational Western Romantic Suspense and lives with her husband in Northeast Washington and on the Colville Confederated Indian Reservation. With the love of history and the Western woman's lifestyle, she weaves threads of healing, hope, and horses that lead to happily ever after.

Here is my interview with Carmen.
Paty: Because this interview is about a subgenre of Romance, why do you write Inspirational Romance?

Carmen: Thank you for having me on Romancing the Genres today! I’m blessed to be here. To answer your question, I love faith threaded throughout a good book. My faith is important to me, and I like to share the love and hope of God with others. 

Paty:  I believe when an author writes about what intrigues or moves them their books are better. Your books in the Seven Tine Ranch series deal with issues of abuse. Why do you write this into your books?

Carmen: I wrote this series because of a fatal family event that included domestic violence, or DM. This tragedy turned me into an advocate for DM Awareness because I’d hate to see another family struggle through the trauma our family struggled with and continues to struggle with. On my website, I have resources for anyone who needs them. Please feel free to check them out if you or someone you know is in danger. 

Paty: We both have the desire to help other women. I try to put something in my mystery books about MMIW and the violence toward First Americans. Most of your books are set in Eastern Washington State. Why did you pick that area for the setting?

Carmen: The guest ranch in Book 1, Captured Secrets, of the Seven Tine Ranch Romance is set in Eastern Washington State. The ranch ties the three heroines together. It’s a place of safety and security for First American women who are in need. Broken Bondage, Book 2, is also set in Pendleton, Oregon, and on the Umatilla Reservation, as well as in other parts of Oregon, Idaho, and Las Vegas. 
In the beginning, Renewed Hope volleys between Eastern Washington and Montana, but most of the book is set in the Polson, Montana, area and on or near the Flathead Reservation. You can visit my blog,, to find out more. 

Paty: Many of your characters are Native American.  Why did you choose this culture to write about?

Carmen: I chose to include First American characters in my stories because I’m married to a member of the Colville Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington, another reason I set the Seven Tine Guest Ranch in Eastern WA. My children are tribal members, too, and we’ve lived for a little more than three decades here on the eastern portion of the reservation. 

Paty: Every author who writes a series has a favorite character. Who is your favorite returning character in the Seven Tines Ranch series?

Carmen: Sydney Moomaw Hardy will always be my favorite. She stomped onto the page broken, discouraged, and angry. But as the story and series rolled on, she softened and became an anchor to the ranch. She went on to help other women and the ranch hands and cook in so many ways. To me, she’s an inspiration and a hero. She’s a survivor. 

Paty: Who are some other Inspirational Romance authors you enjoy reading?

Carmen: I love to read Shanna Hatfield, Karen Witemeyer, and Mary Connealy. These lady’s books are comical, include strong female characters, have threads of faith, and show down-right rugged small-town or Western living that always has a happily ever after. 

Paty: Those are all good choices.  And I agree they are all great at writing comedy and strong females. What is the one thing you hope readers take away when they finish a book in this series?

Carmen: I hope readers can grab hold of threads of hope, courage, and love as they traverse the hard times. Life can be tragic, and we need something to get us through. God’s always there for us. He takes us as we are. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Paty: Your books did make me think more about how many women are in danger that we lucky ones never know about.  Just for fun – Tell us what is your favorite thing to do besides writing and reading, because we know those are a given. 

Carmen: I enjoy riding horses, taking pictures, and posting morning Japanese Haiku poems on social media. But most of all, I love family time. I love watching my 12 grandkids grow and thrive. I love my adorable husband who supports my writing dreams and goals. 

Paty: Carmen, thank you for sharing about you and your books with us today. Here is a look at her book Renewed Hope

Can they find her son in time?

Sophie Cayes is on the road to success as an artist. Until her ex-husband threatens to sue for full custody of their son. Upon learning of a guest ranch in Eastern Washington that keeps a room open for women in need, she grabs her son and bolts.

Although Chad Davis loves starting colts on the Seven Tine Guest Ranch, his goal is to have his own spread. Everything’s on course until a woman and her preschool son show up. He’s not thrilled about helping out. Until the boy comes up missing. On his watch.

Along with a tribal cop, they head back to Montana in search of the boy, knowing his dad was the one who kidnapped him. Sophie prays they find him before her ex-husband and his new wife go on the run. Taking her son with them.

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Diana McCollum said...

Hi, Carmen and Paty,

I enjoyed the interview. Carmen your books sound interesting and I will be reading them.
The state I'd like to visit and spend some time in is Montana, big sky country.
Good luck on sales!

Judith Ashley said...

Carmen (and Paty), I am so pleased to see the issues of First American women highlighted in an intriguing series. Books can enlighten us and show us a world we may not see or acknowledge in our own worlds. I'd love to go back to New Mexico. I've been there twice and spent time there. I've driven through North Dakota but would love to spend some time. A new state for me would be Maine.

Sarah Raplee said...

You are shining a light on a dark issue that has been ignored for too long. Thank you. Your series sounds excellent and I will be reading these books.

I would like to visit Montana and Idaho on a vacation. I've driven through bits of these states on my trips across country, but never had time to explore and enjoy.

Carmen Peone said...

Thank you, Diana! I'm happy you stopped by. I love Montana!

Carmen Peone said...

Thank you for your kind words, Judith! You're right, book can enlighten us to new worlds. I hope you make it to Maine!

Carmen Peone said...

Yes, Sarah, this issue has been ignored for way too long. Thank you for your interest in my books! I hope you get to further explore those two lovely states.