Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Marking May Milestones ..... by Delsora Lowe

May can be a busy month.

We are finally crawling out of April, which in Maine can be early spring or late winter. This year it was both, between two storms, one an ice storm that shut down power all over Maine. My house was out for 2 days. Luckily, we have a small generator that we can use periodically during the power outage to rev up the furnace, juice up the fridge, and power up our electronics.

The second storm less than two weeks later, dumped twelve inches of heavy, wet snow in my yard. Power outages again. But luckily my house was spared. Some were out for three days.

But that was early April.

May means celebrations—school gradations, beginning of wedding season, planning summer vacations and activities. And for me there are milestones to celebrate in May.

The first week in May, I celebrate 55 years out of high school. It seems like yesterday that many of us celebrated our 50th reunion. This year, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to attend. It’s a long trip from Maine to Washington D.C. But I can’t stand the thought of not going. Afterall, fifty-five years ago, I was my class social committee rep. Each class was in charge of organizing a major school social event. Amazingly—or probably not—years later, many of my job positions required me to organize reunions, talks, fundraising events like auctions, regional alumni events, and one-on-one meetings with donors. So, attending a reunion that I don’t have to plan is like going on vacation. In a way it feels different and sad, since this is the first of my HS reunions I have not had a hand in organizing.

May (and June) is a month that many plan weddings. In another job I was a wedding planner and coordinator.

May is also the month that celebrates mothers. I am a mother and a grandmother, so I take Mother’s Day seriously. I have been a mother for fifty-two years, and a grandmother for seventeen years.

May is also the month of the Maine Romance Writers’ retreat. I helped organize the first one in 2008, and a few after that. I also discovered the brand-new hotel when I attended a grand opening reception. We have now been meeting at that hotel for our retreat ever since 2009—many years.

And, last but not least, May is the 13th Blog-O-Versary for Romancing the Genres. Happy Birthday to US! To all the bloggers past and present, on this continent and around the world, who have added their bits if wisdom or fun adventures or insight into such topics as writing, skill sets, family, friends, and life in general, thanks for making this a fun part of my monthly routine!

 Is there anything special 
that you like to celebrate in May?


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Judith Ashley said...

May is a big birthday month for me. My son's is May 3rd, my great granddaughter's is May 10, my grandson-in-law is May 11, my step-grandson's is May 21 and my bestest friend forever's is May 31. And yes, in there is Mother's Day and Romancing The Genres' Blog-O-Versary.

May is certainly a busy month!

Deb N said...

I hear you, Judith - my ex-hubby's birthday is May 11. I always have to share Mother's Day with his birthday. I wonder if I can petition the being who are in charge to change Mother's Day to another month :-) But seriously, my son hosted a lovely cookout for all of us, including his ex-wife on Mother's Day. His house is surrounded by a farm, so we get to see both cattle, and then wildlife like fox, turkeys, deer, and many interesting birds. Plus, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the tress are leafing out. Magical!

Author Gail Eastwood said...

I always love May, Delsora! Going back into history, May Day was a big holiday in medieval times, and "gathering the may" is still reflected in our celebrations as spring appears and the flowers start to flourish. My older son's birthday is in May, and so is my wedding anniversary. This year we celebrate 48 years, and that just feels so weird!! We don't feel old enough to have been married so long. And BTW, this year is my 55th high school graduation anniversary, too --but in June. We were a small class so will plan something informal over the summer. Happy May!

Sarah Raplee said...

Delsora, two of my great-nieces are graduating from high school this month. My granddaughter's fiance graduates from medical school on Friday. So we do have a lot to celebrate this May!!!

Deb N said...

WOW, Sarah - lots of graduations all at once. An exciting time of year, for sure. And marking new beginnings for a new generation.

Deb N said...

Gail - HA - we switched months. My anniversary was in June - but 53 years ago. Huge congrats on anniversary - another milestone, for sure.

My local writing group did our first week in May, 5-minute writing, on May Day - so many interesting memories from our group.

Diana McCollum said...

I agree, May is a busy month! Judith, my best friend lives in KS and her birthday is May 31st, Granddaughter in law is May 23. This year I have three graduations. One grandson graduates 8th grade, another graduated from college and his sister graduated from graduate law school.
Of course, we celebrate Mothers Day and Memorial Day.

Enjoyed your post!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Enjoy May! Hope you get to attend that reunion.

Deb N said...

Diana - when it rains, t ours. Always seems we have those months where everything is happening at once. At least all exciting milestones!

Deb N said...

Sadly, Lynn, it was too far to travel. But we did have a pre-reunion ZOOOM with classmates, and had so much fun, we decided to do it again in a few months. And I learned a classmate moved to my town recently. So, we'll get together for coffee.