Tuesday, June 4, 2024

New adventures

As this goes out, I've just landed at Gatwick airport in the UK. I'll be staggering off the plane after a sleepless (unless a miracle occurred) flight. Nothing new there. We'll spend a week in London, which I've visited many times, but we're foregoing the usual tourist haunts. Instead we'll explore cemeteries like the one in Highgate where such disparate personalities as Karl Marx and George Michael are buried. 

Sure, I'll pop into a few of the usual bookstores like Waterstones and Foyles, but I'll also investigate Watkins, a special sort of bookshop that will help to inspire a secret project. 

And rather than ending the day in a cozy pub, as usual, I'm eager to experience thrills and chills on a London Ghost Walk.

And then we head north to the city of York for a new experience as neither of us have been before. We'll take in as many mandatory attractions as we can fit into four days, like The Shambles, York Minster, and maybe another ghost walk

Followed by the newest of the new, a walking holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. We've hiked plenty of trails in our day, often with a pack on our backs. But it's been in either Canada or the US. In about two weeks we'll hike The Herriot Way through the landscape familiar to everyone who watches All Creatures Great & Small. Our packs will be day-packs and the rest of our luggage will be moved from town to town by a sherpa service. We'll stay in cozy inns and B&B's, eat at village pubs, and soak up bucolic scenery. I bet we'll get rained on too, but it'll be Yorkshire rain! 

Lots of new in the next few weeks. But I've taken along my trusty little travel companions, Humphrey the miniature bear and Rover the miniature terrier. Both were created by my friend who runs Little Scruffs.

I'm sharing our adventures on Instagram, so be sure to give me a follow.

Luanna Stewart has been creating adventures for her imaginary friends since childhood. She spends her days writing many flavours of romance. When not torturing her characters, she’s in her kitchen baking something delicious. She lives in Nova Scotia with her patient husband and a hen.


Diana McCollum said...


What a fabulous trip! I'm so jealous. I hope you'll have a follow up blog to tell us about your favorite parts of your trip.

Adventure for 2024 for sure!

Judith Ashley said...

Luanna, Wow!!! I can't say I'd like to be in London with you. I was there once and that was enough but York? Yep, I'd smuggle myself in your suitcase if it was possible. If only I was doing well enough to hike The Herriot Trail. I've also fantasized about walking Hadrian's Wall.

I've never done Instagram so I'll wait to learn of your adventures when you return here.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

That's awesome, Luanna! I am planning a similar trip, but we'll be walking through the Lake District and part of Hadrian's Wall. I'll be curious about how much you like your experience.

Deb N said...

Late to reading your blog. But...I hope you are having a blast with not too much rain. We're getting enough in the NE, so you're not missing anything at home. At least your garden will be watered while you are gone. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!