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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Heart Smiles

February, the month of St Valentine and all things love. Our feelings for that special someone, for family and best friends. But it's also a good time to reflect on all the other things we have in our lives that make our hearts smile.

I don't know about you, but I love the moments in a day when I see, or hear, or feel or taste something that makes me stop and think how lucky I am to experience it. I'm a huge believer in mindfulness, in being aware of what's around us rather than just living in our own thoughts. Being in those moments, making a conscious effort to find them, is a powerful pathway to achieving happiness.

I'd love to share with you some moments (other than the obvious of loved ones and friends) that have made my heart smile.

Cute Pictures - there is something so heartwarming about super cute animal photos. Apart from the obvious visual appeal, I love that we get to see animals in their daily lives, see their personalities, their quirks. I have to thank Facebook for bringing me an endless supply of these images that never fail to bring a smile to my face and always make my day better.

Taking A Good Photo - I love photography and when I manage to take a picture that pleases my eye, it also pleases my heart. Because it looks good and because I did it. Inevitably it will have taken many discarded efforts to get the one good result, but that I got there is exciting. The ones I like best aren't necessarily anything others would find fabulous, but they please my eye.

Sunshine - the warmth of it on my skin. I hate hot days. With a passion. But on a mild day, when the sun is out and the sky is cloudless and it just caresses your skin, warms you just a little. Such bliss to just stand and absorb the feeling. Add a gentle breeze, and it's just perfection. Whether I'm in the greenery of the garden, or a busy car park on a busy day, taking the time to just feel it and be thankful for it improves my day.

Dancing - I've danced all my life.  Mainly ballet, but also jazz, tap, ballroom, Latvian folk and belly dance. Love it all. Moving to music is instinctive for me and whether it's going to my weekly adult ballet class, or prancing around the house while I dust, dancing will always make me feel good. Always. I'm so thankful that mum sent me to ballet classes when I was 8 and that I inherited her love of dancing. I can't imagine my life without it and it makes my heart (and my body) smile.

Writing - obviously. Yes, it's torturous and disheartening at times, but once the words are on the paper (even when they're bad), the sense of achievement and a need satisfied is worth all the angst. Writing is also something I've done from a young age and something that has stayed with me over the years. You don't persist with things for decades if they don't feed your soul. Or you shouldn't. If I could write and dance at the same time, life would be amazing lol

 I learned to type, and wrote my first stories
 on a typewriter like this!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What Touches My Heart by Delsora Lowe

February is the month of Valentine’s Day. Throughout my life I have vacillated between loving the idea of the day and wanting to shove my head under a pillow. After all, love isn’t something you can conjure up with a finger-snap. Oh…unless you write romance.
This month’s theme is “what touches my heart.” I do love writing romance, but what touches my heart in a very special way are my three grandsons. So what better way to honor my loves then to combine the two.

Grandson's New Puppy, Hugging and Napping
Huh? My grandsons are 9, 10, and 12, so they aren’t hero material…yet. Now this is a personal opinion, but I am sure anyone who meets my grandsons will agree that they are handsome, of superior intelligence, and above average athletic ability, not to mention sweet and thoughtful and never naughty. Yes, there goes my vivid imagination again. But really, they are wonderful young men. So that leads me to how I combine a love of grandsons with my love of writing romance? 
Brothers Skiing on Beautiful Colorado Day
I have a penchant for writing second chance romances. And many times, either the hero or heroine has a child that factors into how that romance plays out. My grandsons are inspiration for those characters.
Hockey - a Favorite of all 3 Grandson's, Skating - a Favorite of My Character, Bunnie

In my Valentine-themed book Moonlighting, the hero’s daughter, Bunnie, plays a starring role. A precocious ten-year old, she knows the moment she spots the heroine, that Mary Beth is THE ONE for her dad. Just like my grandsons, Bunnie is innocent, but wise-beyond her years. Building her character included adding in pieces of experiences with my grandsons—the way they see the world and go about exploring with exuberance and eyes open to new adventures.
Moonlighting - Happy Valentine's Day
Although my grandsons are not yet teens, I swear they know a lot more than I did when I was a teen. They know a lot more than I do now! Maybe it has to do with technology and a greater access to the world. Or maybe it is only because I think they are much smarter than I am, even at my advanced, ahem, I mean mature age.
My book Come Dance With Me, doesn’t have young children, but does center around a group of teens who have formed an after-school jazz group—the setting for the meeting between my outgoing jazz pianist and the buttoned up, efficient English teacher assigned to proctor the group. Helping the group of teens throws the hero and heroine together. But it is through the eyes of and activities with the teens that the two find true love. As I watch my grandsons grow, I can see the passion they have for exploring and learning and beginning to understand what touches their own hearts—all traits I tried to show through the teens in the story.
My new release in April 2019, The Prince’s Son, features a sweet boy who has lost his mother. In the heroine, a cowgirl, teacher, and his temporary nanny, he finds a woman he can love as a mother. Jaime’s wide-eyed wonder at the world, along with his fears, mimic traits I see in my grandsons.

The Prince's Son
Currently I am editing a book with a young boy, and writing another book with a child. Both are younger than my grandsons, but the mannerisms of my dear grandsons always seem to find a way into my young characters.

Even the photo I use on my website represents my grandsons. What you don’t know is that the scenic ocean and lighthouse scene is a cropped photo. What doesn’t show is the bottom half, with a big slate-gray rock upon which are perched three boys, back-to, but looking over their shoulders with huge grins at the camera. The cousins enjoying vacation together on the rocky coast of Maine. When I look at that photo, even in its cropped state, my heart sings.
Maine Lighthouse
I realize as I write scenes with children in them, that I do channel my grandsons—their physical expressions and movements, as well as their sense of exploration, wonder, and everyday adventure in their play and school work.
So, to say my grandsons touch my heart, is indeed an understatement. They are a part of me in every way. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they are in my thoughts and drive the actions I take to be a better person, and behind my actions to treat this earth, my friends, and perfect strangers with respect and love, so the three boys will have a legacy they can be proud of.

My grandsons ARE my heart.
What touches YOUR heart?

Delsora Lowe writes small town sweet romances and contemporary westerns from the mountains of Colorado to the shores of Maine ~ cottages to cabins ~ keep the home fires burning ~

Lowe’s family visits to Colorado are the inspiration for an upcoming contemporary western series, Cowboys of Mineral Springs, to be released in 2019 and 2020. And her daughter’s wedding and her son’s home, both on the coast of Maine, provided plentiful ideas for the Starlight Grille series (released in 2017 and 2018).

Author FB Page: fb.me/delsoraloweauthorAuthor Website: www.delsoralowe.comAmazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/2nRx1Bs
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Favorite Romantic Movies Round 2...by Kristin Wallace

Last year for (post) Valentine’s Day, I wrote about my favorite romantic movies. I had so much fun that I decided to do follow-up with Round 2 of some classic rom-coms.

Crazy Rich Asians

We’ll start with a recent movie. This movie was a hug hit last year and was unique in that is featured an all-Asian cast. American Rachel falls in love with handsome Nick Young, not knowing he is basically royalty back home in Singapore. When she travels to Singapore for his friend’s wedding, she’s introduced to the life of the “crazy” rich. A modern fairy tale where Cinderella is smart and more than capable of standing up to his mother. 

You’ve Got Mail

Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan made the list last year with Sleepless in Seattle. In the story, a children’s book store owner is trying to save her store from the mega-bookstore opening around the corner. The two are also unknowingly talking in an online chat room. She doesn’t know he’s the guy putting her out of business. He doesn’t want to tell her once he finds out. Then he has to make her fall in love with him…the real him. Not the online version. (BTW, the choice of song makes even more sense when you know that You’ve Got Mail is a modern version of an old Judy Garland movie.

Notting Hill

“I’m just a girl, standing in front a boy, asking him to love her.” Only the “girl” is the most famous woman on the planet, played ironically by Julia Roberts. The “boy” is a regular Joe bookstore owner played by Hugh Grant. It’s sort of Cinderella in reverse, which is a nice twist. 

Sweet Home Alabama

An up-and-coming New York fashion designer, played by Reece Witherspoon, has gotten engaged to an amazing man (Patrick Dempsey!) Unfortunately, she never quite got divorced from her first husband. She must return to her Alabama hometown to get the divorce papers signed. But does she still love her childhood sweetheart? You bet she does!

Pretty In Pink

This was the peak of Molly Ringwald fame, not to mention one of the best 80s teen movies. Poor girl Andie is wooed by rich guy, Blane while her quirky best friend, Ducky, pines for her in secret. She sews a pink dress and gets the rich guy (although many secretly thought she should have ended up with Ducky). 


A Disney fairytale with a fun twist. Giselle is a classic Cinderella/Snow White-type girl in the animated world of Andalasia. She’s all set to marry her prince (after knowing him for 1 day). Before the wedding, the groom’s evil stepmother throws her down a well and she ends up in the real world of New York City…where she meets a gorgeous single father (Patrick Dempsey again!) 

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite romantic movie? Share it here!

Kristin Wallace is the USA Today Best Selling Author of inspirational and contemporary romance filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith”. Look for her upcoming release, an all new Palm Cove Tale, SECOND CHANCE HERO next month. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Victorian Romance and Adventure by Anthea Lawson


I’m delighted to be here at Romancing the Genres today as part of the spotlight on Victorian historical romance.

I love writing romance set in the Victorian era, because so many boundaries were shifting at that time – within the nobility, overseas, with the advent of the Industrial age and scientific inquiry. The role of women was changing, too, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. 

There’s no doubt that having a Queen of England rather than a King had some impact on Society as a whole. Women of all class levels saw that they, too, could perhaps be more empowered. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Women’s Suffrage movement grew strong in the 1840s (Victoria took the throne in 1837, at the age of eighteen).

On top of all this marvelous change, however, the strictures of proper behavior between a man and woman remained, which provides a delightful tension to writing romance set in that time. The fact that an unmarried woman was not supposed to spend time alone with an eligible man gives a lot of external tension to a love story. 

How are the couple going to get to know one another in a meaningful way? And how are they going to manage to steal a kiss… or more?

In addition to the love story, I also incorporate a lot of adventure and travel in my books – a perfect fit for the Victorian era! My first novel, Fortune’s Flower, features a botanical expedition to Tunisia, while subsequent books are set on Crete and parts of the Continent.

I hope you’ll join me on these romantic adventures, and dive into some of the exciting history of the time! Fortune’s Flower is free at all ebook retailers during the month of February.

USA Today bestselling author & 2-time RITA nominee

Anthea's books have received starred reviews in Library Journal, and Booklist named her "one of new stars of historical romance."

Anthea lives with her husband and daughter in the Pacific Northwest, where the rainy days and excellent coffee fuel her writing. In addition to writing historical romance, she plays the Irish fiddle and pens award-winning YA Urban Fantasy as Anthea Sharp.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Five Things that Melt My Heart #scifi #supernatural #fantasy #romance

Hi, I'm Pippa Jay, author of scifi and supernatural stories with a romantic soul. And since we're just past the supposedly most romantic day of the year, I thought I'd share some of my top heartwarming scenes and songs.

My favourite comfort watch film is probably surprising considering my dislike for horror: a zombie romance. Here are two of my favourite scenes from the film.

First up, some zombie heartbreak: the moment he discovers his newfound love has left him...
To be followed by a heartwarming hug at their reunion at about 1:50 (sorry, spoilers)...

My current fave band Starset have a song with lyrics that, to me, capture the essence of scifi romance (or at least the kind I lean toward). This is the acoustic version for some easy listening.
"I don't know what to say, but I'm going to want you 'til the stars evaporate.
We're only here for a moment in the light.
One day it shines for us,
the next we're in the night
So say the word and I'll be running back to find you.
A thousand armies won't stop me, I'll break through
I'll soar the endless skies for only one sight
Of your starlight..."

My favourite scene in Hunger Games, where Katniss finally admits what she's really feeling (at 1:30):
And lastly a song with a scene, As The World Falls Down by David Bowie from Labyrinth...
"In search of new dreams
A love that will last
Within your heart
I'll place the moon
Within your heart
As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill is gone
Wasn't too much fun at all,
But I'll be there for you
As the world falls down
Falling down
Falling in love..."

Tell me your most heartbreaking or heartwarming scene or song...

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Old Friends by Lynn Lovegreen

I was talking with an old friend recently, and she was reflecting on her life of 90+ years. One thing she was most grateful for is her friends.  It struck a chord in my heart. My old friends are a big part of my life.

I grew up in the military, so most of my childhood friends have scattered to the winds. But I am fortunate to have several friends that I’ve known since I was a teen or young adult. They enhance my life in ways I couldn’t imagine when I was younger.

I have friends who’ve known me for ten, twenty, up to forty years. It’s great to know someone so well and vice versa. There’s no need to explain everything about my family or my background. I don’t have to impress them, or watch what I say too closely. They’re close enough to really care about me—warts and all.

Some of my best friends are my late mother’s age or older. In some cases, they were my mother’s friend first. That’s a lovely connection, especially when I’m missing her and they say they miss her, too. And it’s great to have an elder to talk to when I’m feeling down. They have the life experience to tell me that this too will pass, and the faith to encourage me to keep going. That’s golden—just like they are.

If you value elders in your life, too, you might enjoy my friend Lizbeth Selvig’s contemporary romances. She includes at least one older character in each of her books. My favorite is Robert McCormick in Rescued By a Stranger. There's also 94-year-old Grandma Sadie in the Seven Brides series. But I recommend all of them! Lizbeth's latest book is Missing By a Heartbeat.  Learn more at  http://www.lizbethselvig.com/.

 Lynn Lovegreen has lived in Alaska for about fifty years. She taught for twenty years before retiring to make more time for writing. She enjoys her friends and family, reading, and volunteering at her local library. Her young adult/new adult historical romances are set in Alaska, a great place for drama, romance, and independent characters. See her website at www.lynnlovegreen.com. You can also find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Friendship or Love

Hi everyone! 

I am Young Adult and Middle Grade author Barbara Binns, writer of contemporary and realistic fiction for adolescents and teens. As my tagline says, I write Stories of Real Boys Growing Into Real Men - and the people who love them.  

This month's topic involves happiness.

Maybe money “can’t buy me love” as the old Beatles song said, but it can help, at least according to the recently released movie The Upside. It’s part buddy picture, part drama, the kind of thing Hollywood knows how to do well. Although, who knew faking a seizure could be so much fun?

I am not a professional movie critic, but I will give this English Language remake of the 2011 French film, Intouchables, four stars. (The original gets 5.)

The Upside is the somewhat-true story of a wealthy white man turned quadriplegic after a hang-gliding accident. He hires a street-wise Black man as his 24/7 "life auxiliary." Although Dell, played by Kevin Hart, had no expectation of actually getting the job or what it entailed, once he does they form a fun-to-watch duo. Each gains something greater than money from their relationship.

Not that money isn’t involved, Phillip is a millionaire residing in a New York penthouse. Dell learns to change a catheter and that even quads can have an erection. He also learns to appreciate opera and classical music. Just don’t ask him to sit through either in silence. 

In return, Phillip gets exposed to music from groups like Earth, Wind & Fire, and “modern art” as created by Dell. Mostly, both men learn to laugh at their troubles and expand their worlds, in spite of mobility issues. PS, I gained a new word, epistolary. (You’ll have to see the movie to hear that one used in a sentence.)

The major disappointment was watching Kevin Hart portray a black stereotype, the irresponsible husband/father. That Hollywood-esque change to the original story of a man helping his nephew, was unnecessary and diminished the story in my opinion.

Click to see The Upside movie trailer  

More than one person, myself included, consider the original 2011 French film, The Intouchables, as a mini-masterpiece. As I wrote earlier, I give it a full five stars. The Upside is good, but nowhere near as good as the film that starred François Cluzet and Omar Sy. That movie was a huge hit in France, without the tired cliche's the American version inserted. Intouchables became the No. 2 box office hit in France and one of the highest-grossing non-English-language movie ever ($281 worldwide). It received eight César nominations (the Césars are like the French Oscars). Omar Sy won in the Best Actor category. Having seen him in this movie, he deserved it.

There is no miracle cure at the end of either The Upside or Intouchables. Sorry if you consider that information a spoiler. The story is not about a medical miracle. Instead, its old-fashioned human resilience and the power of friendship. The men in both movies learn to laugh through their troubles. Best of all, we laugh with the disabled characters, not at them.

It helps that the two main characters are based on real people, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caretaker and now friend Abdel Sellou. In fact, Philippe served as an adviser on the set of The Intouchables adding an #ownvoices vibe to the result. The two men who remain friends to this day, long after the end of their employee/employer relationship. Both movies show us that a full and satisfying life can be found, even after a crippling injury.

That's a better lesson than the "better dead than disabled" attitude of Will, the suicidal main character in the 2016 movie Me Before You. That story one posits that suicide is a preferable alternative to life as a cripple. The story has been called a "breathtaking romance," that manipulates audience heartstrings until many agree with Will's decision to end his own life and that he is indeed better off dead than crippled. This even though he has money, a loving family who wants him alive, a caretaker who really cares about his well-being, the potential for new adventures, and a girlfriend who truly loves him.

Looking at the differences between Will and Phillip, I see a question of maturity versus youth. One knows the value of embracing life, the other only how to make a grand gesture, too much like the young Romeo. Or maybe its just that having a friend is more conducive to a good life than having a love interest.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think, romance writers?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Love is in the Air

by Madelle Morgan

February 14thSt. Valentine's Day—is a day to remember and honor those we love, whether human or animal.

St. Valentine's Day is not just about flowers and a romantic dinner, although those are certainly lovely.

It's a day to remember the people and pets you've loved throughout your lifethose who have passed, and those who are still here.

Over the years you've opened your heart to many loved ones.

Yes, you may have been hurt along the way, but on February 14th dig through that to the loving feelings you originally had for:

  • your spouse
  • former boyfriends or girlfriends
  • children
  • other family members
  • friends
  • teachers
  • caregivers
  • pets


  • (fill in the blank)


Filling your heart with love on February 14th will also do the earth a favor.

Love is energy. Like prayer, love has a pure, high frequency. According to many spiritual leaders, our individual positive energies can sync to collectively raise the energetic vibration of everyone on earth.

Music lifts us up, raising our energetic "feel good" energy.

While making your list of loved ones and filling your heart with cherished memories, please enjoy this YouTube playlist of my favorite love songs (male artists).

Happy St. Valentine's Day and spread the love!


Madelle Morgan is a Canadian author who writes romance set in Canada.

Seduced by the Screenwriter Review

Cat and Chett’s characters are well developed, drawing the reader into their individual plights, while their campy banter keeps the story light and downright fun. Ms. Morgan keeps the plot moving with humorous situations and dialogue interspersed with exciting and poignant drama. A good read for a snowy afternoon. —Marc Joseph, InD’Tale magazine review, March 2018.


Madelle's romantic thriller DiamondHunter is a free read in Kindle Unlimited.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Heart of the Matter

By: Marcia King-Gamble

February is black History month. It’s also the month of love, and so I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter with some little-known facts about both.

This month’s blog was supposed to be about what touches my heart; and there’s nothing that touches my heart more than learning something new. So, here’s what touched my heart this month, and what I’d like to share with you.

In terms of black history, I was amazed to find out that before Rosa Parks there was 15-year-old named Claudette Colvin who refused to move to the back of the bus. Claudette was thrown into jail. So why is Rosa better known, when only nine months before, Claudette had done something similar? The answer…well the NAACP and other black organizations felt Rosa, who was solidly middle class, and also a secretary for the NACCP would be a better representative of the cause.

Did you know that Martin Luther King’s iconic speech, I had a Dream was mostly improvised? At some point Martin threw away the crafted speech and adlibbed. The original speech was far more political and a lot less historic. It had no reference to dreams.

I bet you didn’t know that the earliest recorded protest against slavery was made by the Quakers in 1688.  And did you know that of the 12.5 million slaves that left Africa only 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage?  In fact, less than 388,000 slaves arrived in the USA. The vast majority, (4.7) million were sent to Brazil. Now doesn’t that explain its beautiful people?

Another interesting fact I did not know, is that one in four cowboys was black. It is even believed the real Lone Ranger was inspired by an African American man named Bass Reeves. It seems that even back then the west was far more liberal, and tolerant of diverse cultures.  

We all know who Betty Boop is. But who would have thought that in 1930, cartoonist Max Fleischer would create the Kewpie-faced sexy Betty Boop, modeling her off black Jazz singer Esther Jones; better known as Baby Esther? Another woman, Helen Kane claimed it was modeled after her, but Esther was booping long before Helen came along.

Now onto what this month is better known for --------Valentine’s Day and love. Did you know Cupid’s lover’s name was Psyche and their daughter’s name was Voluptus?  Voluptus means pleasure.
Were you aware that Cupid’s mother was Venus? And that Venus was so jealous of Psyche’s beauty she instructed Cupid to shoot Psyche with an arrow so that she would fall in love with the most hideous creature. The irony of the story was that it backfired, and Cupid ended up falling in love with Psyche. The rest is of course history.

On a lighter note, did you know every Valentine’s Day more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold?  It is also the second largest card giving day. Christmas is the first.

And finally, were you aware that Valentine wasn’t just one person, but two? A gruesome fact is that both men were executed on the same day (February 14th) except different years.

And that my readers are what’s touched my heart this February 2019th.

Be kind! Be grateful! And to paraphrase  Bob Marley,  you  could be loved! You are loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lose yourself in love this Valentne's Day with my  latest releases :



About Marcia King-Gamble
Romance writer, Marcia King-Gamble originally hails from a sunny Caribbean island where the sky and ocean are the same mesmerizing shade of blue. This travel industry executive and current world traveler has spent most of life in the United States. A National Bestselling author, Marcia has penned over 34 books and 8 novellas. Her free time is spent at the gym, traveling to exotic locales, and caring for her animal family. Visit Marcia at www.lovemarcia.com or “friend” her on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1MlnrIS Be sure to join her mailing list.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Falling Hard for Accurate History in fiction

by USA Today Bestselling Author Kristin Holt

This time of year, I can’t help but think about romance... and the romantic fiction I’ve fallen in love with along the way.

I have a passion for romantic stories set in the Victorian (1837 to 1901) American West. You might call me a nut, with my longstanding blog featuring various aspects of that historical setting—particularly when used as a backdrop for fiction. I love sharing those juicy tidbits with readers who share my passion for the American Old West. My last several titles included a “Dear Reader” with links to more info about the story. Read this “note” to readers of Unmistakably Yours, (with links to historical details) HERE.

GIVEAWAY: I’ll give away one paperback edition of
Unmistakably Yours (regular or large print) to one lucky commenter.

Whether readers see it or not, they’ve become familiar with myriad nineteenth century foods, beverages, fashion trends, underclothing, tools, inventions, developments, challenges, real-life historical events, war, scrimmages, and a bit of the truth about mail-order brides. In a way we can say, we were there! We know things—important, real things—because we read. Reading American-set romances can be another chance to learn the best of American history... without the anxiety of exams.

GIVEAWAY: I’d love to share SIX of these 2019 limited edition bookmarks with SIX different readers. Enter by commenting below!

As an author of Sweet Romance set in the Victorian American West, and an amateur historian, I fall hard for a story whose author embraced history’s accuracies. I learn so much while reading for pleasure. Over the course of writing my first twenty titles I became aware of the need for even deeper research. I thrive on studying constantly to ensure each new story is as accurate as possible. I read a new-to-me-author’s full-length Christian American Historical novel, wherein the history and the setting fuse seamlessly. Recommendation: A Reluctant Melody by Sandra Ardoin.

The flipside is a downer. Heads up: just because you read something in an American Historical novel doesn’t mean it’s true.

Here’s one that will (probably) catch you off guard. Do you know it’s historically inaccurate (and rude!) for a fellow (cowboy or bowler-wearing banker) to pinch the brim of his hat while greeting a lady? True? So why do the ladies swoon when the cowboy tugs his hat brim? (A lady in the Old West would’ve been scandalized; ladies now find it appealing.)

Don’t forget to enter my two drawings. Scroll down and reply to enter. What have you learned about history from reading fiction set in that location? What other titles do you recommend—specifically authors who’ve done their research?

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Kristin Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author, writes Sweet Victorian Romance set in the American West. She writes frequently about Old West history and contributes monthly to Sweet Americana Sweethearts.
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