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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why Romantic Suspense for K.M. Daughters?

      Happy New Year dear fellow writers and readers! What a wonderful way to begin 2012 – with you. For K.M. Daughters the turn of the calendar represents a figurative career blank page. Although we look forward to writing new stories in new genres this year and in years to come, we wrote the last page in the Sullivan Boys romantic suspense novels in 2011.

      The series closes with the release of In The St. Nick Of Time. The five-novel-journey took us from first call (!!!!!) on January 26, 2008 to now. We had the luxury and privilege of working with the same Editor, Joelle Walker, on each of the five installments. Equal parts cheerleader, champion, grammar usage encyclopedia, comedian, and dear heart, Joelle invaluably guided our growth as writers. We dedicated “St. Nick” to her, of course.

        Why do three “normal” (if the adjective might apply to writers and editors in the first place) and law-abiding women enjoy closeting with psycho nutcases on crime sprees utilizing assorted weaponry? 

        As authors and readers, the pacing of RS is irresistible to us, as is the battle of wits and the inherent conflicts in apprehending the bad guys while the good guys juggle conflicts in their personal lives. Writing twisted, homicidal villains is fascinating. Apprehending them provides the satisfying secondary climax to a dreamy happily ever after.

        In this last book we explored the workings of a killer so cunning that three deaths occurred before the authorities categorized them as homicides, single parenthood, grieving spouses and parents, reverse bias in on-the-job nepotism and a hero/heroine both engaged in law enforcement. We had tremendous fun – especially in creating demented “Christmas carol” poetry. And as expressed in a promo quote for this book we penned, “Watch out Santa! Nobody’s safe with K.M. Daughters,” we secured Santa’s top spot on the elusive killer’s hit list.

Watch out Santa! Nobody’s safe with K.M. Daughters!
         But the evolution of the Sullivan family was our overall favorite aspect in creating the series. Incidentally, the series itself didn’t spring to mind fully formed. Danny Sullivan (hero in Book 1, Against Doctors Orders) happened to be one of six siblings trained in law enforcement, children of a retired police commissioner. After finishing book 1, Joe Sullivan and Bobbie Leighton (secondary characters in the first installment) haunted us to continue with their story. And so it went consecutively with the family ladies man, Brian, and the super-achiever, Patrick. We had thought that we finished the Sullivan saga with Book 4, All’s Fair In Love And Law. But Kay Sullivan Lynch, a grief-stricken widow at the beginning of that installment, later asked, “What about me?”

        We loved writing about the complexities, family resistance and myriad challenges associated with Kay’s return to the police force and her second chance at love. Despite the fact that we hadn’t originally planned to tell Kay’s story, it seems just right that the last Sullivan boy is a girl.  

~ K.M. Daughters


Margaret Tanner said...

Happy New Year.
Wow, congratulations on your mega series. Two books in a series was the best I could manage.



Paty Jager said...

Fun post. Your reasons for writing suspense are as intriguing as the books. Congratulations on the five book series and finding the niche you like to write.

Wishing you publishing kudos and more contracts in 2012!

Diana Mcc. said...

Great post! Are you friends, sisters...? Does one of you write only certain characters and the other one write the rest? Do you switch writing chapters? I've always wondered how it works with having a writing partner. Thanks.

Happy New Year! And may your blank page soon be filled!

Sarah Raplee said...

Thank you for guesting here on New Year's Eve.

Diana, who commented before me, and I are sisters. We've thought about writing a book together someday. Any tips you can give us would be appreciated.

Did your choice of the name the Sullivan Brothers have anything to do with the famous Iowa Sullivans? They were five brothers who all died fighting for the US during WW II. Just curious. We all get inspiration from all kinds of places.

Your books are on my To Be Read shelf for my new Kindle. Love the cover on this one!

K.M. Daughters said...

Hello ladies! Thank you so much for visiting with us. We're so sorry to delay talking with you... the holidays were a whirlwind. Sarah & Diana - absolutely consider team writing. Each of us wrote one or more novels independently before we decided to collaborate as K.M. Daughters. It's such an enriching experience to write together, we'll never look back. :-) Diana, we divide writing each novel 50-50. After we brainstorm a scene or chapter outline we alternate writing each chapter. That way we write multiple POV's to add to the fun. Pat keeps the master document as it builds. We both edit & critique the WIP. What emerges is a distinctive voice, neither Pat nor Kathie but K.M. Daughters. No, Sarah, the Sullivan boys aren't the Iowa Sullivans namesakes - although what wonderful heroes, right? We chose the Irish surname randomly.
We hope you all enjoy the series. New Year's Blessings to All!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for an interesting post! I'm in awe of people who can put together the plot for suspense (romantic or otherwise). Love that the series ends with Kay Sullivan Lynch's story.

Your writing process is intriguing and obviously works for you. May 2012 bring more K.M. Daughters stories!!!