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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Weddings-Ain't they fun...

The year that we were married was sort of unusual in our family. We had three weddings in one year.
Luckily we managed to schedule them a few months apart. My cousin Kevin's wedding was a nice, fun, loud Irish wedding. no problems, at least none that we knew of other than a few hangovers the next day.

Then came my family, my brother #4 of 5 got married but for some reason almost half the people invited didn't show. When asked, they said they thought it was a joke. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he got married on April 1st and the RSVP was due on February 30th?

Then, there was our wedding, I am the only daughter and I think my father called in every favor owed him for the reception. We wanted a small wedding and I asked  him to help pay for it. Within a month he had a florist, caterer, and limo all lined up. The ceremony, performed by a justice of the peace who had done several mixed marriages, was short and simple. My husband is Jewish and I was raised Catholic. I was 29 almost 30 when we got married. I think at that time Dad was so glad I was getting married he didn't care where. The day of the wedding was gorgeous, everything went fine. The party went well. Until...

My uncle, father to the groom from the first wedding earlier that year, fortified by many bottles of beer decided he wanted to dance.  While he was  up there, he thought it would be fun to entertain everyone with a striptease. I was mortified. I grabbed his wife and my father and told them to stop him or I was leaving. Luckily they stopped him.

My father does know how to throw a party and it continued long after we left. It was only when we returned from our honeymoon that we found my brothers had tried one last trick. They called every hotel in the city of Boston looking for us. Everyone but the one we stayed in, thank god.  Family weddings, you gotta love them.


Judith Ashley said...

Elaine, you do have a bunch of entertaining family stories. Glad you brothers didn't find your Boston hotel!

ElaineCharton said...

Thanks Judith! That was something they did with each other so I figured they would try it with me. They are so predictable sometimes.

frankierobertson said...

Having great stories like this to look back on makes life so much richer!

Our wedding reception was pretty sedate. It was held at the base Officers' Club and the music was an organ. The fellow playing it did his best to liven it up, but really, there's only so much you can do with an organ. The musical kind anyway. ;-)

ElaineCharton said...

LOL! To the best of my knowledge, my immediate family has never had a sedate wedding.


Laurie Schnebly Campbell said...

Oh, Elaine, with a beginning like that it's all the more impressive that you've achieved such a happy ending!

Laurie, wondering if maybe that had something to do with it...?

Paty Jager said...

Elaine, It sounds like you have a fun family! That keeps life interesting.