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Friday, July 6, 2012

Farewells and Welcomes

Judith Ashley
Change as a constant of life is not a new concept.
When Sarah and I invited the original Genre-istas, we asked for a six month commitment. When that was up, we asked for another six months and because that ended April 30 and May 01 started our Blog-O-Versary month, we asked anyone who was leaving to stay on for another two months.

So here we are, at that point where we say ‘Farewell’ to two original Genre-istas and ‘Welcome’ to three more (yep, we had a vacancy that we didn’t fill earlier).


Tam Linsey, who has consistently posted fantastic blogs on the third Tuesday of each month, writes post-apocalyptic science fiction. Her debut novel Botanicaust is due out in August. I met Tam when we were paired as ‘platform partners’ in an online workshop through 1st Turning Point taught by Ann Charles and Jacquie Rogers. That was over two years ago! We’ve remained cyber-friends, support each other as best we can given that we live in Alaska and Oregon respectively, and write in very different genres.

Donna Hatch has filled the fourth Monday of the month spot since the beginning. Donna writes historical romance. Her latest book is The Stranger She Married. Her last post had chocoholics drooling. I’d known of Donna for several years as I’m a long distance member of Desert Rose, her home chapter and had seen her name on the chapter loop. However, Laurie Schnebly Campbell, another Desert Rose member is who connected us regarding this blog.

Click here to check out our other alumni.


Opal Carew joins us from Canada. We wanted to continue to build our geographical diversity as well as our romance sub-genre diversity. Opal writes erotic romance and you’ll see her first and subsequent posts on the second Tuesday of each month. You had a chance to meet Opal AKA Amber Carew on June 30th when she was our guest. As Amber, she writes contemporary romance.

Erica Hayes, an urban fantasy author from Australia who spends time in the UK, was our guest in March. When we were brainstorming who to invite, Sarah and I said Erica Hayes simultaneously! Erica’s posts will be up the second Tuesday of the month.

Deanne Wilsted, a contemporary author was our guest in June. Deanne, who plans on writing an interactive post on different sub-genres of romance, fills our fourth Monday slot. Her debut novel is titled Betting Jessica.

Please welcome Opal, Erica and Deanne!


Tam Linsey said...

I'm glad to see some exciting new faces among the Genre-istas. Although I am moving on, I'll be reading your posts! This is a fabulous group, and I'm proud to be an alumni.

D. McCollum D. McCollum said...

We'll miss you Tam and Donna! Welcome to Deanne, Erica and Opal! You ladies are joining a really wonderful blog group. I can't wait to read your first posts.

Judith Ashley said...

Another Thank You, Tam for your enthusiasm and support this past 14months. Glad you will keep in touch with us. Let us know when Botanicaust comes out so we can announce it in our Headline!

Judith Ashley said...

You don't have long to wait, Diana. Opal's post is up next Tuesday!

Margaret Tanner said...

Goodbye and good luck Donna and Tam and welcome to Deanne, Opal and Eric.