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Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Might Be Summer Where You Are...

Everyone in the northern hemisphere is talking about, and enjoying, summer. I feel like a fraud writing about my favorite summer read when it’s the middle of winter in New Zealand.

So I’m going to talk about what I love doing on a cold winter’s Sunday afternoon.  Sunday afternoon, when the rain is sleeting against my window and the wind is trying to lift my roof off, I settle down on the couch with my small quilt blanket that mum made me, the heater is on and I make myself a cup of tea and treat myself to two chocolate biscuits. Then I settle down with a book and start to read.

Sometimes I read a paper book, rare for me these days I’m afraid, as it’s quicker and cheaper here in NZ to buy my books on Kindle. Plus, I have to buy most romance books from Book Depository in the UK because NZ does not get more than 5 or 6 romance novels a month.

I love my kindle. The immediacy is the key. Plus being long-sighted, small print means I have to wear my glasses to read, while a Kindle with the bigger print setting means no glasses required. This makes snuggling up on the couch more enjoyable when I lie on my big reading pillow.

My latest reads are two historical romances and a Desire HMB by Olivia Gates. I love reading historical, no surprise there I suppose since I write historicals. I love reading them because I love a bad boy and in the male dominated 1800’s this is easy to find. The rakish lord with the virginal miss is my favorite, especially if she has a brain!

I read two books this weekend, both made me automatically go to the author’s website to look for when their next book would be released. That is how I know I’ve read a good book. I want, and must have the next one-NOW.

On Sunday I had a fun weekend hiding from the howling southerly gales and rain. I read Emma Wildes January release, Twice Fallen. I loved the book. Surprisingly, I loved the secondary romance more than the main H and h. Once I had completed her book I committed the fatal sin. I read the introduction chapter of her next book –OMG—it was so good! Then to my major disappointment it isn’t released until September. How could she do that to me? WORSE-because I live in NZ, I’m unable to pre-order for my Kindle. So I’ve had to make a diary note to buy it when it is released. Bloody Signet! Emma, can you please get them to change that policy.

The second book I read was Gaelen Foley’s, My Ruthless Prince. Gaelen is probably my favorite author. She writes beautiful, engaging characters that I can re-read again and again. She has a fabulous marketing ploy, one that I use in my books. Her epilogue is the sample of her next book and once again I have to wait until October!

So tell me, do you read the sample chapters at the back of books? Do you love an epilogue that gives a sneak peak of the rest of the story? Do you go and pre-order a book or do you simply forget about the author and perhaps look at her next book once it is released? 

I’ll give away a copy of To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone, book two in my Wicked Wagers trilogy in eBook format to one commenter. Drawn Sunday 8th July, open internationally. 


Judith Ashley said...

Hi Bron,

Thank You so much for reminding us that the Northern Hemisphere is Not the center of the world.

Actually, I do read the sample chapters at the back of books. I also like the sneak peak epilogue. And, I'll also admit to reading the last chapter, well maybe just the last couple of pages, when the story bogs down a little or is too intense to see if it is worth it to keep reading.

But no, I don't pre-order a book. I will make a note to look for it when it comes out.

BTW, I love the pictures!

Paty Jager said...

Bron, I've always been intrigued by the opposite seasons. Fun to read your post about it.

I do like to read and write epilogues and I read sample chapters in the back of books. I've read books before where I enjoyed the secondary characters better than the main H & H. In that case, if it's series, I look for the book with those characters as the main characters.

I've never pre-ordered a book.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your post, and it is always good to get a reminder that the world is a large and varied place. I love both prologues and epilogues--I disagree with editors/critics/and others who say that is lazy writing; I prefer it and consider it finished writing. Polished and stylish. Having said that--I'm bad. If I perceive something as an unrelated sample chapter, I don't always (don't usually) read it. Don't know why, and may start now that I know some readers are being tricky and offering double-duty material at book's end. I seldom pre-order, but I always have specific authors in mind and watch for their new works.

Mary D said...

I always read the sample chapter and the epilogue. I like how the epilogue gives me a complete ending to the story and I like seeing what is coming next by reading the sample chapters. I have never pre-ordered a book. I try my best to remember what is coming out next with my favorite authors.

Naomi Baltuck said...

Fun post, very informative. I look forward to reading more of your blog.